Astral Chain Sales Exceed PlatinumGames Expectations – review

In an interview Famitsu development manager Astral chain Takahisa Taura said project sales were above expectations Platinum games.

The studio is pleased with the performance of the slasher, which many could have missed because of the exclusivity for the Nintendo Switch and the release in the summer.

However, the publisher and developers are not ready to disclose the current circulation of the game. In Japan, for example, in the first three weeks they sold 50 thousand copies of the project.

Astral Chain is a slasher with a unique combat system where players need to control two characters at once: a futuristic policeman and the Legion – a chain attached to the protagonist with live weapons, acting as a kind of class.

In addition to really interesting and deep battles, the game praised the history and unusual gameplay situations – since the player controls the representative of the law, he has to investigate matters, and not just destroy everything in its path.