Assassin’s Creed Unity

In the early hours of Unity gives the same enthusiasm which had the debut releases of Assassin’s Creed . You share screenshots, tell your friends about how everything is perfect, inciting them to buy – co-op mode, with more fun! But therein lies the main catch. After the first third Unity turns into unintelligible skit on itself. You are alone with a beautiful Paris and incredibly boring single campaign.

In this case, much of the “Unity” done right. Once again we find ourselves in a large city that wants to learn. The same Boston and New York in the third part did not go to any comparison with the architectural elegance of the Middle East and Italy. We showed America the way it was at the time – a gray, bleak, one-story.

Instead of imposing chapels and grand buildings (still remember how five minutes climbing on a coastal lighthouse in Acre), we reach the tops of trees and the roof of the same modest American churches.

The scale is not felt – Connor and then jump down, because the buildings are too far from each other. Black Flag met players motley Kingston but residential centers, once again, turned out rather picturesque island villages.

But Paris is different. This is a huge razvoroshenny anthill full of troubled French – walk through the streets of crowds, palaces precipitated dissatisfied with pitchforks and torches here and there fastened disputes altercation, a fight. Somewhere nearby kiss lovers, traders shout, overstrain violin.

Naturalism is perfect – walking in Paris, you will certainly see lumps of horse dung lying on the road (to Kojima approved!). Ugly, yes, but it adds credibility decorations, which, however, is so lacking.

Throw the purse into the midst of the onlookers, and the poor eagerly rush to pick up the coins thrown. Kill the guards and passers-by will flee from you like a leper (at such a frightening size of the crowd, and in this respect, Unity surpassed even Dead Rising 3 , the panic of civilians is particularly impressive).

The city pulsates, reacts to you and your actions, while maintaining its own rhythm. In the morning at Notre Dame, you can listen to the choir and bell ringing, look at the daily service.

In the cafe “Theater” on stage performances are thinking intellectuals – on the subject of the revolution, the country where women’s rights (hello, Anita!).

Naturalism is perfect – walking in Paris, you will certainly see lumps of horse dung

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four comrades

Co-op mode – one of the main innovations of Unity. Together with friends or networking buddy (up to 4 people per team), you go to different tasks to joint efforts to disrupt the plans of the Templars.

Each joint mission there is a brief plot introduction, you talk about your goals and explain why this mission is so important to the Brotherhood.

Cooperative gameplay is not too different from the single-player campaign – the only difference is that you have allies.

If you play with strangers, the game often turns into fanovy chaos – all slaughtered for covert passing and just go hack Templar in his pleasure.

With friends to solve all “quietly” is possible more often, there is a tactical element – you begin to discuss who will go where and who did what. Anyway, the Co-op network is a pleasant,

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Another lively city of Paris makes history. In addition to the dark recesses of everyday hustle and bustle going on a lot of different events. On the streets you will meet NPC, who are ready to talk about their problems.

Orders can be both quite ordinary (well, that is, as the rank and file – you, for example, offer to help Beaumarchais with a malicious critic who, quote, “did not even read the play”), and from the discharge of the supernatural.

These tasks often overlap with urban legends, the authors drew from newspaper columns.

You will be able to personally dispel the myth of the invincible giant surnamed Iscariot, will learn the secret of the devil fountains, sipping from which you hear the call of Satan, to expose the cult of Baphomet (you will need to steal the golden chalice directly from Notre Dame to win the confidence of sectarians).