Asexual Vikings: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla will offer a unique gameplay feature for the series

Last night there was a broadcast Ubisoft forwardwhere, among other things, the French developers presented a lot of new information about the historical action movie Assassin’s creed valhalla. As you know, by analogy with the previous game, “Valhalla“will prompt users to choose the gender of their hero – Viking Ivor can be either a girl or a man. However, unlike “Odyssey“, the new project has one notable difference.

As it turned out, hero gender Assassin’s creed valhalla can be freely changed at any time during the game. If in the previous part give your preference Kassandre or Alexios needed at the very beginning of his adventure, then in the case of Valhalla, the authors decided to deliberately avoid such a restriction.

Moreover, the atypical opportunity is explained in a plot way: floating floor Eivora associated with the feature of the new version “Animus“- a technology that allows you to go back in time with the help of the genetic memory of ancestors, around which the general narration of the entire series is built.

“In our game we have the concept of genetic memory and the well-known Animus technology. What can all this be used for? And how do we create an opportunity to change the gender of our hero? I think we managed to combine all this in a very interesting way,” explains narrative director Derby MacDevitt.

Besides, Assassin’s creed valhalla distinguished by another interesting feature. In addition to asexual Evor, you can switch to the second heroine – Leilu Hassandebuted in Assassin’s creed origins and acting in our time. These sections will have certain limitations, but at the same time they will offer interesting narrative details and unique tasks..

Release date Assassin’s creed valhalla assigned to November 17 this yearthe game is created for Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox one, Xbox Series X and PC.

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