Arena of Valor

It’s not a bad thing or something strange since, as I said, both products are home to that of Tencent. It’s not a bad thing, especially since, having to stay upset in the marauding of mobile productions, pointing to what good and bad is the reference product of the industry is surely good and right thing.

First of all, the design, which remembers a lot in the samples and in the interface the title of Riot. Each sample is incredibly faceted from the aesthetic point of view, well recognizable as tank, magician, elusive killer, agile fighter, and so on. Perhaps there are few heroes that stand out for their aesthetic originality (it is also difficult to ask for it today because of the aforementioned obsession), but if we think that we always talk about a title for smartphones, work is already good.

In terms of skills, too, those who have climbed at least a bit in the world of MOBA will find themselves at ease. We have solid battle giants that attract enemy damage, stun and allow shooters and fighters (for friends: DPS) to vomit damage and skill as quickly as possible. There is no lack of wizards and generally heroes with control skills that slow down, inflict damage over time, blind, or cause other status changes than the usual ones. We reiterate, in short, Arena of Valor has little to envy his “bigger” colleagues in terms of depth and facets of the gaming system. The only flaw is the existence of a few supporters, as well as the difficulty of playing.

Not being able to have the variety of keyboard and mouse input, but only the hands (and in my case as well), it is difficult for this kind of heroes and their respective players to have fun. The size of the screen, in fact, does not obviously guarantee the same visual view that a PC monitor can offer. So there are a few supporters at the moment, and they are hardly seen on the battlefield.


This means the fights of Arena of Valorare only supported by more “visceral” tactics, teamfights become a combo of stunning, area damage, and devastating abilities. Considered again, the nature of the project may not be a defect, and indeed it is also satisfying to be able to “silence” without thinking too much of a combo that, by virtue of things, is difficult to implement.

However, Arena of Valoroffers the proverbial bread even for the teeth of the most demanding players. Each move is described in detail in terms of damage and percentages, as well as the equipment that can be purchased during the game (for which there is no need to go back to the base).


The casual player may choose the recommended equipment on the left side of the screen, but anyone interested in the perfect build can enter the shop and browse through all available items. Likewise, advancing in the first levels, the Arcana system is unlocked, that is, the transposition of the League of Legends, a series of passive bonuses to be assigned to their champions. There are also Talents, that is, additional skills to those of heroes in themselves, which can be changed depending on the type of game and hero you are about to use.


You will understand it now: Arena of Valor is a MOBA in everything and everything in a reduced version, more in the “scale” than in the potentials. MOBA for all Arena of Valor does not give up on the ability to play all kinds of players, well seeing as we talk about the wretchedness of mobile users. In addition to the various levels of gameplay already analyzed, the title of Tencent also offers several ways to experiment. You go from classical battle 5 to 5 on a three-lane map (here too, very similar to the

Arena of Valor, review of Tencent's new MOBA

League of Legends ) which can take up to twenty minutes, with the inevitable classified mode for the most competitive players; Schermaglia, which is a 3 vs. 3 from the map and the least duration; clash 5 vs. 5 in a single lane map; and finally the mode 1 vs. 1 and the classic deathmatch.

Whether you want to play on the fly or commit a little more, Arena of Valor offers something interesting. Of course, the fact that, due to playing twenty minute games, the battery and the smartphone CPU are affected. In fact, the title makes widespread use of new or more dated devices.