Arena of Valor

The world of MOBA has always been the pride of the PC world despite there being undoubtedly some attempt to break through these seemingly invaluable barriers. How to forget all those titles that, drawing on their strategic background, have adapted part of their mechanics to the structural support columns of the Battle Arena, but only in hybrid forms.
People are obviously looking for games that are able to ride their competitive spirit in medium-fast games, which can, on the one hand, cheer the player with little time or other entertain what is able to devour the matches as candies: one after the other to the exhaustion.
Between a break and the other
A damn picture close to the ball of players who by train, waiting for a coach or stuck in coffee breaks, finds playing with their cellphone titles that are often just a little more than button mashing and brain shake.
This is where Tencent Games, a subsidiary of Tencent Holdings under the Riot Games and Supercell maneuvers, unveiled the link between MOBA and Smartphone, which has already had a great success in South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam, and it is anticipated as the hustle of the fall in mobility: Arena of Valor.
Arena of Valor, Tencent enters the European mobile world of MOBA
Between a break and the other
Arena of Valor is a 5vs5 MOBA for iOS and Android devices with different game modes, all in all and similar to the classics of the genre, from which it takes most of the mechanics, obviously simplifying them to allow for improved gameplay.
The structure in any case, as we said, remains the same as the main features that we are inspired by and we will find the strange map divided into three lanes and a jungle: a pattern that requires a varied party to be able to exploit all possible combinations. The rotation of heroes means that there are always a number of characters available for free, but only by playing or investing real money you can access your favorites regardless of this. So you can get a free-to-play system right,
Arena of Valor, Tencent enters the European mobile world of MOBA
So much experience behind
The matchmaking takes place on dedicated international servers so that the system can automatically place the players in the game to balance the teams and thus make the matches more attractive, as well as limit ping where possible.
You can still set up teams and alliances, which are allowed by the game’s grouping mechanisms and facilitated by the association with the Facebook account, features available since launch.
The game then has a voice chat integrated into the application, so you do not have to need external instrumentation to access the above functionality, and also use it with the strangers with which you are inserted into the game.
Once the match has begun, the average completion time is around 15 minutes, a more than adequate compromise to reconcile the need for strategy and people’s breaks.
Graphically, Arean of Valor appears clear, with large writing and a layout that with three large circles in the bottom right of the screen makes it easy and straightforward to use character skills. Cleaning is so sovereign, letting the strategy run fast without being hindered by confusion on the screen, even on smartphones that are not too big. Lastly, the use of the headphones is highly recommended, as there is a soundtrack to the vocal chat, featuring Hans Zimmer in person.