Apple Prepares Powerful eSports PC – review

Esports has not yet become an Olympic sport, everything goes to this. And therefore it is not surprising that Apple can get ready for this. According to the resource Patently apple with reference to an insider from Taiwan, a company from Cupertino plans to release a gaming computer for e-sportsmen for 5 thousand dollars (a little more than 311 thousand rubles at the rate).

It is assumed that this will be a candy bar with powerful hardware or a gaming laptop. He can be shown at the conference. WWDC 2023 next June. Other details about the new product are not specified. The hardware characteristics and other data are not known, the secret is even the term for its release to the market.

And although these are just rumors, but the information fits into the current policy of the company, which began to develop the gaming direction. It is known that earlier Apple launched the service Arcadewhere over a hundred exclusive games are already available. And there are news every month.

If the data on the gaming PC is true, this will allow the company from Cupertino to increase its market share, as well as enter the others. For example, get a share in the segment of game consoles.