Of course, you can remember the different crime policies such details Legal Crime , Heist , the Chicago 1930 and the recent (and closest in spirit) Gremlins, Inc. by Alexei Bokuleva , but still the atmosphere, entourage and some features of mechanics Antihero truly unique.

The entire game is divided into relatively short-party duel, in which two opponents, playing the role of the leaders of their own thieves’ guilds, compete, trying to quickly get the necessary number of victory points, or perform a specific purpose in the streets of Victorian London.

To do this, they rob, kill, bribe, blackmail and milked different enterprises, banks, apartment buildings and so on.

Of course, it needs at hand, resources and new abilities. And we get it all on the accumulation of profits and buying different “upgrade” in the guild menu. Opponents in this case take turns and to spend all the action progress Points – subordinates can make only one thing, but the number of AP at “chief thief” depends on how you “pumped”.

Child Labour

The main work is done by the protagonist himself – he moves around the map opens its different areas and penetrates into the banks, trading houses, castles, churches, and other useful buildings.

At first we just rob them, and then there it is possible to send street children to receive regular gold or “lights” (the second type of resource). Some of the same enterprise, is under our control, give victory points or as orphanages, reduce the cost of hiring the same homeless.

Antihero game review

Tastefully painted – it is just about Antihero.

Certain improvements allow an increase in profit from homes or hiring special officers who are ready to seize enemy beggars and drag them into the workhouses.

In contrast, you can set traps out there – and this requires saboteurs. Also play a great role of the gang – they patrol the city is removed from the road, and eliminate the enemy thugs, and fulfill contracts for the killing of important people.

True, at first bands are weak – they need to be replenished with new members and “pump” after each successful kill. And often, to eliminate “AIAI” faster, until it made an opponent, it is better to hire a professional killer, after opening several “upgrades”. And you can pump the skills of “assassin” at the main thief, buying him new daggers.

The thief should be online …

The whole kitchen just seems simple tactically. In fact, even in the campaign mode, often there are problems: the difficulty gradually increases, against us are new opponents with new improvised, increased size of the cards and there are special victory conditions – clean out the royal palace, to enter the masquerade ball, or enclose a ship moored in the harbor.

But in online duels with other players, under which, in fact, “sharpened» AntiheroFor victory will have to really work hard – to think carefully about who, where, what kind of houses primarily milk, whom to hire, what improvements to buy and so on.

The situation is complicated by the fact that we do not see any position and your opponent’s actions, no matter what it is the company where you are and who out there is hidden under the dark profile with a question mark. Fog of War in Antihero has a great importance.

The best tactics can admire the first place in our Hall of Fame. And it is calculated separately for ordinary online duels for “hotsita” where, as you know, do not need to reside on the Web and there is no time to counter your move.

Antihero game review

In addition to the campaign and multiplayer there is a “skirmish”, but the locations until really small.



The result is very interesting, a kind of tactical strategy, which is also very stylish, atmospheric look and sound. It is understandable why even before the exit, she received several awards and nominations at festivals and exhibitions.

The only thing Antihero is not enough – it is a stable network code and content. Few modes and maps with interesting conditions for victory, and online duels often have to end early due to disabling an opponent. But developers regularly release patches and has promised to add more cards, including two designed for play on two.