Another round, another conversion

Platinum Games, as the most beautiful of Cinderella, has amazed and made us cheer, finally giving proof of the fact that even a study deeply linked to the console world, if you rely on those in duty, can put on the plate a conversion with flakes.


Vanquish, just a few weeks away, follows exactly that same line. Released in the now distant 2010 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Shinji Mikami’s third-person shooter is now able to boil even your flaming personal computers!

Another round, another conversion


Just like seven years ago, not even this time Vanquish will be remembered in the annals of the videogame medium for an amazing and original narrative component. Is all this really important?


The answer is no”! The third-person shooter of Platinum Games, which so resumed (and in a sense improved) Gears of War, lays its foundation on the now infra-red futuristic world, managed by heads of government who have abused it until it is reduced to a pile of few energy resources.


Faced with this crisis situation, the construction of an orbiting station capable of storing solar energy becomes the center of a factional clash that sees us in the role of an agent of DARPA, that Sam Gideon. When a coup d’état in Russia leads despot Zaitsev, head of the Order of the Red Star, the attack on the station becomes inevitable.


On these premises is based a narrative arc that includes within it all the contradictions and problems of the modern world, forgetting the originality but keeping in mind an epic and explosive staging, in every sense.


The protagonist is called to avert an attack from within to the city of New York and, led by Colonel Burns, will have on his shoulders the fate of what remains of our world. If it sounds like something stereotypical, know that it is. This does not mean that the six to eight hours necessary for the completion of the adventure are able to give more than one moment of tension and exaltation.

Another round, another conversion


Vanquish is back with his mix of frenzy and style: Platinumg Games now at the top even on PC!


Often the games of Platinum Games are able to base all their gameplay on a single, great find. Just as Bayonetta herself lives off of her “Witch Time” or the recent NieR: Automata revolves in the airiness of the long and harmonious strafe of her androids,


Vanquish puts on the plate a system of progression in the game environment that made her luck and has raised its praises until it fits into the Olympus of the genre of belonging.Much of the charm of the game is in fact based on the mobility guaranteed by the suit worn by Sam.


Call ARS, this jewel of the technology of the near future is able, among other things, to scan and reproduce in a fraction of a second all the weapons that it knows and has already analyzed. But what makes it irreplaceable is a system of engines that allow our alter ego to slip for dozens of meters, also counting on steering management.


Everything clearly has a price and, in the case of ARS, this is paid for overheating. If used too long or hit more than necessary, the suit needs a period of time to return to its optimal form,


leaving Sam uncovered and vulnerable.On this single premise is based the gameplay of a game that varies from situations of total frenzy (with a lot of bullet time activated during the slip) to moments of more strategic management.

Another round, another conversion

In this sense it is extremely apt, even after many years, the choice to make the movements of the protagonist quite a lot when he is not using his propellers, as well as the forced slow-motion effect and consequent cooling period of the suit when in conditions criticism following a series of shots collected.


Following this simple and precise scheme we continue throughout the duration of the adventure, along the lines of the stereotypes of the genre and subdividing the various areas with the classic scores so dear to Platinum Games.


The arsenal with which it is possible to equip itself does not detach itself from the style of the genre, showing off the classic assault rifles, carbines, sniper rifles and rocket launchers; but also taking some poetic license,


They certainly could not miss the bosses in a production action as it should, and here that those of Vanquish are fun and in some cases even challenging, although always balanced in the right way. Also seasoned by some unique mechanics and management of the maps, the clashes at the end of the section are left to play with extreme taste, despite some uncertainty in the hitboxes of weak points, which do not always respond in the right way.