Annual financial statements

The response from the insiders has come in the form of constant updates to The Division, accompanied above all by three additional paid content published during the year: Underground , Struggle for Life and Until the end.


 Just the latter is dedicated to the article you are reading, arrived with the new update 1.6 a few days ago. Waiting to know what will be the game next year, here are our impressions after a few days spent in the Black Zone and television studios.

Until the end brings in The Division a new mode in the Black Zone and an incursion not to be missed!


Matched as the object of the ambition of the players arrived at the endgame, the Black Zone proved to be the most critical aspect of the first months of life of The Division. In fact, the PvPvE experience developed by Massive has never convinced players properly, partly due to its lack of design but above all due to the lack of real alternatives for those who want more.


The updates published by the developers over the months have plugged a few holes in both directions, and the arrival of Until the End obviously comes to complete the work carried out on the dynamics of play after reaching the thirty level.

Year-end financial statements
Year-end financial statements

After the new mode seen in Fight for Life, Until the End also brings with it as a main course a new type of game, which bears the same name as the DLC.


Unlike the previous one, the main focus is dedicated to the PvP dynamics of The Division: teams composed of eight players are in fact to collide in maps located within the Black Zone, where, however, there is not to deal with agents traitors and loot that are subtracted from the last second.


Instead, it is a type of Domain mode, in which there are three control points to garner to accumulate more quickly the score that determines which of the two teams wins the game. We therefore find ourselves moving in a circumscribed environment with respect to the totality of the Black Zone,


within which we obviously need to win clashes with the opposing team but also keep in mind that human enemies are not the only ones on the map. In fact, we find others controlled by artificial intelligence, defeating them, in fact it is possible to gather the technology used to fortify the controlled points, placing defensive towers or points of rebirth that are closer to the action alive.


The comparison that seems best for this dynamic is that with MOBA, where the bonuses and resources collected in the jungle can contribute significantly to determine the fate of a match. Based on the score scored by the individual player in a match, you can return home with one or more Phoenix equipment and credits.Once inside the mechanisms of the mode until the end, it is possible to appreciate the frenetic rhythm, which leads to grind matches on matches before detaching from the game. 


Having first-class equipment can undoubtedly give you its advantages, but fortunately the teams have always seemed balanced in terms of the presence of more experienced players and novices. Compared to similar modes found in other titles, Until the End does not offer special news, but no doubt such an item was needed at The Disivion to complete the offer to the players.