Anime about Vesemir: Review of the series “The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf” from Netflix

Studio MIR now on fire. Becoming one of the main suppliers of animated films for Netflix and continuing to work with Warner bros., this team in recent years has occupied the niche of animated film adaptations of famous franchises. From the universe DC before surprises like the film adaptation of lore Defense of the ancients 2, she kept the bar and all her creations achieved a certain degree of success and popularity. So when u Netflix the question arose as to whom to entrust the expansion of the universe “Witcher”, I didn’t have to choose for a long time.

Wolf’s Nightmare”Tells about the teacher of Geralt – Vesemir. It’s funny that those familiar with the universe The Witcher only for the series with Henry Cavill at the moment they do not even know what kind of character this is, because he will be presented in the second season, which has not yet been released. And how will his character be similar to that shown in “Nightmare”Is also unknown.

Vesemir’s story covers his childhood and the period of becoming a witcher, and also tells about what happened to the famous school of the Wolf. The nuance is that Andrzej Sapkowski, author “Witcher”, Never wrote down in detail the story of Geralt’s mentor. It was impossible to assemble a whole story from those scraps of phrases and omissions, so the creators of “Nightmare” actually had to come up with their own. Throwing in such a big deal, they not only talked about Vesemir’s life, but also filled in some gaps.

For a certain group of fans of the franchise, such liberties can be a stumbling block, but the picture can cause even more controversy. The creators of the show settled on the art style of Japanese anime, as a result of which the action turned out to be very hyperbolic for the mundane universe of The Witcher. During battles, Vesemir flies through the trees here and fights as if he were Dante from the Devil May Cry series. The local sorceress not only is capable of fighting almost hand-to-hand with a bow even with the most dangerous enemies, but also uses magic, as if she has no restrictions at all. Yes, and Vesemir lets out fiery waves that magicians from Arethuza never dreamed of. All of this will not fit into any canon, so compassionate fans of the original source may find it difficult to watch “Nightmare”, at least in the first stages.

The series may seem complicated to beginners who are not at all familiar with the universe of The Witcher, or know it, again, only from the show with Cavill. The fact is that very few very specific things are explained here. For example, what kind of potions do the witchers drink or what fate befell the elves a long time ago. The cartoon expects that you are already familiar with everything and does not bother with explanations.

But all these are conventions that the creators of film adaptations often go to, especially animated ones. In the end, the action turned out to be colorful and inventive, brutal to the right measure, and the plot resulted in an exciting and interesting interpretation of the events preceding the series of the same name, and this is enough to still watch The Nightmare of the Wolf.

Author: Den Leshchenko (dozensnake)


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