Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Nintendo’s Camping on iOS and Android

We already knew from March 2016 that Animal Crossing , among others, would come on mobile. In addition, after Pokémon , the Nintendo brand is perfect for being transposed on smartphones and tablets . The Animal Crossing gameplay is the kind of perfect experience to be transposed into the typical mode of “bites and fugitives” of smart device software.

The resources needed to build the various objects are, of course, accumulating for so-called “recreational sites”. It often happens to collect the direct materials, but most likely there are various objects that, exchanged with the inhabitants, can return the other. It turns out that there is a passionate butterfly who, in exchange for some specimens, can give you some money or wood, with which to build a rocker that likes another resident who, in turn, will be more willing to make you visit thus creating more opportunities for “dialogue” and exchange.

This chain of social events is not new to Animal Crossing enthusiasts, but in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp , thanks to the convenience of “occasional playoff” on smart devices, reaches a whole new potential. Every living animal has, say, the favorite furniture, so creating and decorating your own camping with their ideal pieces will make them visit it more often, thus increasing the level of friendship at each visit, an unprecedented dynamic for the series.

The benefits of such dynamics are not yet clear, but it is not difficult to assume that as the level of friendship increases, the value of the gifts received by the inhabitant increases exponentially. As for material exchange and furniture construction, everything can be speeded up by leaf cards

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Nintendo's Camping on iOS and Android

, a pass for many occasions. The construction of the furnishing elements (commissioned by the good Merino) can take up to 72 hours, for example, but with a leaflet the building is done instantly. Tickets also serve to buy fishing nets that will allow you to collect more fish, or buy honey that will attract more insects, ready to be captured with the fido retino. Leaf cards, in short, only accelerate the resolution of some dynamics, and do not give access to exclusive features, as traditionally for mobile games .

Lastly, speaking of microtransformations, tickets can be purchased with real-world coinage, or unlocked by overcoming some of the challenges and goals without the need to shell out a euro . The economic system falls into that range of non-invasive solutions, which still allow them to play quietly and not block game progression. A bit like in Fire Emblem Heroes , where you have always been able to play in its tranquility without resorting to the wallet. In addition to this, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp offers the ability to personalize and improve your living space. This time, in a holiday spirit, the home leaves the campsite

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Nintendo's Camping on iOS and Android

. Each player will have a caravan to model as best he believes, from colors to furnishings, with as much optional second floor. This also has an impact on the inevitable multiplayer titles of the game, whereby players can visit, exchange compliments and advice on furnishings, as well as obviously become friends and facilitate all these operations with dedicated objects exchanges, for example.

To complete the Animal Crossing package : Pocket Campshops that can buy clothes, building materials and more, with daily bids or linked to a particular period are back, as in the regular series, the mobile version of Animal Crossing will also have to play in real time. We therefore expect events related to the hours of the day, the seasons, objects only at certain times, and much more with the relative ease of use that can give a smartphone compared to a 3DS .