An easy test of knowledge of Old Lineage 2 – nostalgia for fans

Lineage – how much sense there is in this word for everyone who, at the dawn of MMORPG, saw the heyday of the game. For me, Ruler has become a guide to the world of online games: I still experience flashbacks related to its mechanics in other games. Recently, for example: you do not die from poison in L2, health only drops to a minimum, and the enemy must deliver a finishing blow. This feature stuck in my subcortex, I was sure that the system works like this everywhere. Unfortunately, World of Warcraft game designers don’t think so.



My fond memories are mostly of Ruoff, from Gracia to GoD – that was the golden time of the title. Pirate servers also played an important role in my life – thanks to them it was possible to get into the preserved chronicles, the most popular of which are Interlude and High Five. Illegal, but so tempting!

The test is dedicated to fans of unrestrained grind, sleepless nights on Baium, violent lying face down on the floor on Antaras and hours of trading in the Giran market. Important: we will focus strictly on the chronicles before the events of Goddess of Destruction.

How good are you at an MMORPG for grandfathers?

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