An adventure in VR

From that moment on, the game has returned to hiding in the rear of the development with only a few pieces of information distributed through official channels until the announcement of its release date that can make it one of the launch titles for the viewer of Sony.


In reality the game is also compatible for the other two devices dedicated to virtual reality but in recent months has undergone an important transformation for what concerns its narrative arc.


From a complete and self-conclusive videogame it has been transformed into an episodic product of which the commercial implications are not known, let alone the timing or more concretely the number of chapters that will compose the project.


We only know that it is now correct to talk about Loading Human: Chapter 1 and paying out the € 39.99 needed to download it on PlayStation 4 or PC we will have access only and exclusively to this first part. But be quiet because it is a fairly complete experience: the final cliffhanger is obviously present but will not leave you hanging with that typical style of Telltale Games productions


(The Walking Dead and the very recent Batman – The Telltale Series for example), but you will feel satisfied with what was told to you during the three scarce hours necessary to complete the adventure. And above all, you will feel that you have had enough because unfortunately Loading Human supports a rather banal story, a system of control at times devastating for the gaming experience in VR and above all a gameplay that,

Loading Human is a graphic adventure for VR with some good ideas but a very bad gameplay


The narrative incipit is pleasant as far as it is concerned. The game is set in a dystopian future: human civilization has progressed to dizzying rhythms thanks to some discoveries of your father who, among other things, has managed to increase the longevity of man beyond any known limit.


One day you will be invited by him to his base in Antarctica and you will discover that his research has arrived far beyond what you would have ever imagined and that in a very distant place of the universe there is an inexhaustible source of energy, the Quintessence, which it could allow man to solve all his energy problems and your father to overcome the threshold of 120 years of life.

An adventure in VR
An adventure in VR

Obviously between saying and doing there is the middle of the sea, in this case represented by a girl, Alice, who together with you will share the cramped living space of the polar base. 


The story is told through a long flashback and we can influence its development simply moving within the structure seen and considered that Loading Human more than being a classic graphic adventure, falls into the so-called “walking simulators” with the variant of the view in the first person linked to virtual reality and interactions that can be performed through the pad or devices for the detection of movements.


In fact, there is not an inventory and all the objects that can be collected or with which we can interact can be simply transported from one place to another or at the limit combined with each other with the help of the two hands of the protagonist.



There are also a couple of really basic puzzles but for much of the game you will only move from room to room based on the requests of your father, Alice or the artificial intelligence that manages the place, in these long walks that they often result in tedious and biting backtracking where you can not even be a courier.

The main problem of the game lies in the management of the commands. Loading Human can be played either with the DualShock 4 (or any other joypad on PC) or with the PlayStation Move or, in the case of Vive with 3D controllers.