American reseller PlayStation 5 boasted an impressive range and was punished by a robber

It’s no secret that actions resellers seriously angered many honest players trying unsuccessfully to buy Playstation 5 before the New Year holidays, and in some places they even slip into crime.

Amid the excitement, there are arrogant theft PlayStation 5 consoles “from under the noses” of the owners and even attempts robberies those same dealers who sometimes turn against the robbers.

However, the case of robbery, which will be discussed in this article, turned out to be very indicative.

One of the American resellers boasted that he managed to get hold of about 50 units of PlayStation 5. He posted on Twitter a message with a very provocative statement “Fuck your feelings” and a snapshot of his assortment.

The photo shows a large number of set-top boxes, both models with an optical drive and “digital” ones. The first would-be seller offered for $ 1,100 (near 83.686 rubles), and the second option – for $ 900 (about 68,471 rubles).

But an error crept into his thoughtful, at first glance, and at the same time risky business plan, which led to fatal consequences. An armed robber raided the dealer and took all the consoles without paying a dime for them

It is reported that the seller thoughtlessly gave his home address to a potential buyer, and after 38 minutes he was with him with a pistol.

After the robbery happened, the unfortunate reseller deleted his Twitter account.

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