AMD’s analogue of DLSS anti-aliasing technology will be released on June 22 – Igromania

AMD announced that its analogue anti-aliasing technology DLSS from Nvidia entitled FidelityFX Super Resolution will be released on June 22nd. At the same time, the first set of games supporting FSR

The company said that its technology will be open source and that more than 10 studios and engines will support it this year.

FSR received four levels of scaling. AMD cited as an example Godfallwhich ran on a Radeon RX 6800 XT graphics card with epic graphics settings, ray tracing and 4K resolution. The frame rate has increased from 49 to 150 FPS in performance mode.

Since FSR will be open source, Nvidia graphics cards will also receive support for the technology, including series 10 graphics cards that do not support DLSS. According to AMD, in quality mode, the frame rate in Godfall on the GTX 1060 has increased from 27 FPS to 38 FPS.

Earlier, Nvidia announced that it will soon receive DLSS support DOOM Eternal, Rainbow six siege and Red dead redemption 2

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