AMD Ryzen 4000 on Zen 3 architecture can outperform Intel in games – review

Processor output AMD Ryzen made the first generation Intel strain up. Next year to market come out six-, eight- and ten-core processors with increased frequency. However how is reportedI, the “red team” is preparing an answer now. Future architecture processors Zen 3 get a good increase in the number of operations per cycle (IPC).

This applies to server chips. Milanand desktop Ryzen 4000to be performed according to the 7 nm + process technology. Will be engaged in production TSMC. In dry numbers, we are talking about a performance increase of 50% in floating point problems and by 10-12% in integer ones. This gives an increase in mixed mode of the order of 17% or a little more.

However, that is not all. The new layout will allow you to get rid of the Ryzen “Achilles heel” and catch up with the “blue” chips in games. The fact is that now the layout includes the integration of modules of four cores into one eight-core processor. However, this approach reduces the speed of interaction between modules.

As part of Zen 3, modules will already receive eight cores, an L3 cache for each core (we are talking about 32 MB or more). All this will allow the “red” to reach the level that was set in Intel. True, so far this concerns more server chips. However, if such opportunities appear in Reisen, this will make it possible to equalize the situation, including in the gaming direction.