All major Activison studios are somehow busy with Call of Duty – Igromania

Activision confirmed that all the main studios of the firm are somehow engaged in the franchise Call of duty
We are talking about eight out of ten studios, and this primarily concerns support Warzone and the release of the upcoming Call of duty vanguard, the details of which appeared yesterday. For the main part of the development of the latter, they are responsible Sledgehammer Games, whereas Treyarch busy with zombie mode and Raven – Warzone.

Beenox, Demonware, High Moon Studios, Activision Shanghai and Toys for bob provide additional support in all these areas. Parallel Infinity ward keeps adding cards to Modern warfare 2019 and, according to sources, is already working on a new full-fledged part of the series.

In addition, recently Activision announced the formation of an internal studio for mobile projects, which will also be busy with the next part – it will be supported by Beenox and Activision Shanghai.

All this does not mean that the studios are exclusively occupied with Call of Duty – so, Toys for Bob will continue to work Crash Bandicoot 4, and Sledgehammer hinted that it could go beyond the franchise in the future, too.

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