All indications are that Samsung will not include a charger with the Galaxy S21

Samsung ready to launch its flagship smartphone series Galaxy S21 in the coming weeks. The company has yet to confirm the exact date of the premiere, but it is expected to officially announce all the details. 14 january

Rumor has it that Samsung will remove the power adapter from the boxes of new smartphones. Earlier, the South Korean giant stopped including headphones in kits in the US since the launch of the line. Galaxy Note 10

In the fall, the manufacturer made fun of himself on social networks Apple after the latter announced the absence of the power adapter in the new boxes iPhone… However, the Koreans have now deleted all related posts.

There is further evidence that the Samsung Galaxy S21 series will not ship with a charger. It comes from a certificate ANATEL (Brazilian equivalent of the FCC), which reveals that the three new phones will not be sold with a charger and earbuds.

On the other hand, even after Samsung stops including chargers with smartphones, chances are it could offer users the option to request them for free, as it did. Sony with adapter for PlayStation VR

We are waiting for mid-January to wait for confirmation of the rumor.

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