Alien: Isolation

The authors carefully avoid marker-tips ( “large room – wait for the boss”, “stumbled upon a sniper rifle – ahead of fights at long range”), and it makes nervous, feel unprepared. Unusual, slightly creepy feeling – especially when you consider that over the past years, we persistently instilled: that no matter what happens on the screen, no matter how much or experienced characters, you can handle anything, because it’s a video game work today.

The Isolation, everything happens exactly the opposite: you are reduced to the ordinary “Heaps” and begin to morally disarm. Every mistake becomes immediately hardball blow to the nerves and psyche.

But it does not scare Alien flickering light or narrow corridors (sham corpses look here almost to the point). Creative Assembly speaks to the audience at the very understandable and relevant language – the language of emotions. Most worried about is not even his own helplessness, and the realization that hunt me.

Do not comb the area, moving on strictly specified route, namely, track down, sniffing. And it’s scary at first because Alien perceived as living and thinking thing, and not fool-AI. And Creative Assembly is doing everything to maintain this illusion.

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Ripley drags into syringes pocket and adhesive substance. But do not think something bad – from all this it collects kits, noise generators and EM grenades.

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Ksenomorfov generally behaves as a typical predator. For example, a creature can singe flamethrower – she leaves, but will know exactly where you are, begin to attack twice as aggressive, circling around it.

Death is always there to shiver once: there is nothing to fight back – Alien follows the logic of the original films and leaves you defenseless, alone with invulnerable creature, which does not take nor a fraction, nor the more electric shocks.

Besides, the only way to escape – a motion detector – not much help as the situation worsens, and along with your mental condition.

From the constant squeaking, recalls the life-support apparatus, it becomes more exciting – the sound pressure on the brain. I would like to take the unit out, but would not break the silence.

Especially ironic that you’re entirely dependent on this simple device – without it, hide and seek with ksenomorfov at all would become a nightmare.

But the actions of the Alien absolutely unpredictable, his intention is difficult to calculate – no script or predetermined prescribed scenarios (except for a couple of episodes, but this is rare). Dissociate itself from him not, methods to ensure absolute protection, there is simply no.

Where crazy from Outlast pass by, spiteful dark, horse stop, walk down the hallway, and then, when you have already exhale sharply goes wrong with the place, in the blink of an eye will jump to your shelter and clawed paw would pull out.

The creature would get you everywhere: scratched from under the bed, look into the ventilation (the most terrible is when you’re going to get in a room and come across toothy snout), catch up from around the corner or jump off the top. Sometimes it seems that the monster is focused exclusively on the hunting instincts, and it only gives it credibility.

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With Kinect  in the cosmos will hear your cry

In the Internet enough reviews in the spirit of: “Sometimes the stranger sees me at a distance of two meters, that’s stupid!” I think that the author did it more smart and considerate in Isolation would be impossible to play – you would kill for a minute or two after respawn .

But for fans of hardcore can advise version for Xbox One- there Kinect reads all coming from your noise. Predator is guaranteed to attract a cough and muffled curses – that’s where the full immersion. What happens if you play with Isolation “Okolusom” me and imagine scary!

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On the other hand, it only adds to the tension and responsibility for the life of a young Ripley (the action takes place 15 years after the first part, you manage Amanda, the daughter of the heroine Sigurni Uiver). Replay the same segments at least boring – every “revival” and the subsequent death of a particularly, in its own unique, thanks to the local “sandbox.”

But despite the fact that the script of the game is practically no, Isolation terribly cinematic. And I’m not even staged clips (they are just very so-so – twitching animation, plastic masks instead of faces). The fact that the Alien generates a scene that felt exactly like an expensive fi movie.

In the original film Scott until the end he did not show the whole Alien and frightened individual parts of his body – face, ridge, paws. And all in order to reveal the final creation in all its glory alien, which would deprive the viewer senses.

Creative Assembly have largely turned out to reproduce this experiment. Imagine the situation: you are hiding under the table in some laboratory, a room filled with water. Close slowly, prudently, dark, horse walks.

You are so scared that you are afraid to raise his head and look at the monster, although still see the monster reflected in the nearest puddle. Raise your eyes above and see how disgusting kind tail dragging on the floor a few feet away from you. In this case, the eyes take just does not work – you literally tsepeneesh, the soul goes to the heel.