Alien Genesis in the Alien universe shown with unprecedented realistic graphics

The network showed a new project in the Alien universe called Alien Genesis, which received realistic and believable graphics on Unreal Engine 4. Published materials delighted fans of the famous franchise.

Developer Wayne Dalton (Wayne Dalton) shared his own developments on a personal project, which he called Alien Genesis, according to The enthusiast worked on Unreal Engine 4 to recreate the most believable real-time scene from the Nostromo ship from the original 1979 Alien movie. The developer showed how on the current generation of gaming platforms you can get a very believable picture in a real-time scene, on which only one person worked. The author showed his achievements both in the video and in detailed screenshots.

It is worth noting that the Alien Genesis project is not a future game, and is just a side project of the enthusiast Wayne Dalton, who is a fan of the cult franchise. At the same time, the author himself has not yet laid out his scene for free access, and therefore players cannot independently launch it on their own PC to evaluate all the work done on the spacecraft’s interior.

The last major game in the Aliens universe was the first-person horror movie Alien: Isolation, released in 2014 and praised by critics, reports. At the moment, no major projects on this franchise have been announced.