Alan Wake: Remastered runs on Control engine with ray tracing support – rumor

Over the weekend, a pre-order leaked from a Taiwanese online store Alan Wake: Remastered, after which a reputable insider confirmed the upcoming announcement of the remaster.

Now the portal NintendoPal shared with a link to his own source the first possible details of the updated version of the game.

  • Alan Wake Remastered is powered by the Northlight engine used in Quantum Break and Control;
  • The game supports ray-traced reflections on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S and PC;
  • Increased frame rate up to 60 FPS;
  • There will be no version for Switch, but perhaps a cloud port will appear, as was the case with Control;
  • On pastgen, the game will receive a higher resolution compared to the original and some other improvements, but without ray tracing.

Alan Wake Remastered Announced This Week With A Follow-Up Premiere 5 october… The PC version will probably only appear in the Epic Games Store.

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