After “Avengers Finale” revealed a new brutal death of Iron Man

In the superhero blockbuster “Avengers: Final” from Marvel They showed a new and much more violent death of Iron Man, which is different from what is shown in cinemas viewers around the world.

Recently, the network has new information on the film “Avengers: Final”. According to, representatives of Weta Digital, a studio specializing in creating special effects for the film, including the death of Tony Stark, gave a short interview. They said that initially in the movie “Avengers: Final” they planned to show the much more brutal and terrible death of Iron Man. According to the creators of special effects, they have painted several versions of Tony Stark, faced with the consequences of the use of Infinity Gloves. In one of them Iron Man literally knocked the eye, which hung directly on the cheek hero.

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Publication of Bosslogic (@bosslogic) 9 Yanv 2023 to 7:12 PST

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Given that this option did not get to the movie screens, the artist BossLogic decided to correct the situation and show how this terrifying scene might look like. On his Twitter page, he posted a new photo showing Tony Stark from Avengers: The Finale with an eye hanging on his cheek. Netizens, looking at this picture, said that the scene would really look very creepy. Many agreed that the final version of which is shown in “The Avengers: Finale” has turned out better. Some added that such scenes are clearly not for children.

It is worth noting that Weta Digital experts also spoke about another version of the death of Tony Stark. In another version, the Infinity Glove was supposed to burn half the hero’s face to such an extent that viewers could see Iron Man’s tendons, open teeth and even bones. A version of this was shown by the same artist BossLogic. Fans of the movie “Avengers: Final”, in turn, rejoiced at the fact that none of these terrible options got into the film.

According, release of the movie “The Avengers: Finale” was held April 29, 2019. Marvel’s next film will be Black Widow, which will be released on April 30, 2023.