However, over the last fifteen years in this regard, we have seen only the quantitative development – increasing processor frequency indicators, volume grew RAM and graphics cards, and something new to offer, no one could, until recently. Then he stepped in crowdfunding – direct funding of individual enthusiasts, who did not find a publisher, or who do not want to mess with him.

Someone collecting money for games or music, and Oculus VR sights on long-standing dream of all fans of “virtual reality” – those “glasses” that let you see what is happening in the game literally with their own eyes, rather than the small screen of the monitor. March 28 this year, started selling a commercial version of the helmet, and with it came a pack of games, “sharpened” by the use of Oculus Rift. ADR1FT

Among them, perhaps the most striking (both literally and figuratively) representative.

Earth through the porthole

Game vengeance operates a popular topic lately of space, and the plot is suspiciously reminiscent of the film “Gravity” three years ago: the main character – a woman astronaut on the space station after the accident remains absolutely alone and forced to fight for survival, using all available means. If someone went to the picture in the cinema, you probably should remember the thrill of exquisite beauty of what is happening on the screen. ADR1FTIt causes a similar feeling – even without the Oculus Rift here everything is so beautiful that at first simply admiring the surroundings.

Take screenshots of cosmic landscapes, seasoned with debris damaged the station, you can almost without a break, not even bothering with a choice of exposure and the setting image (here, each frame – a small masterpiece).

Without a doubt, with the local graphics little that beats – and it’s not just technology. Designers know their business better than Unreal Engine 4 developers used to create ADR1FT .

White surface elements of the station, endless depth of space, a huge land on the night side of which could see the lights of cities and bands of aurora, mirrored a drop of water in zero gravity … Lavra most beautiful games depicting space technology, will getADR1FT long.

ADR1FT game review

The station is quite large – even in ruins scale orbital construction is impressive.

What is nice, all the beauty not put forward any exorbitant demands for “hardware”, but from the blots can remember only occasionally noticeable “progruzki” objects on the verge of visibility.

oxygen starvation

Recovering from the first enthusiasm and breath, you can proceed directly to the game. From the outset, it makes itself felt quite unusual operation – even when using a gamepad, will have to spend some time to adjust. In weightlessness, not necessarily all the time to keep the engines suit included – short enough pulses to start slowly but surely move towards the goal. Needless “gazovat” More not recommended because the amount of oxygen for respiration directly connected with fuel for engines.

Just do not keep track – the stock drops to critical values, the heroine begins to frantically gasping for breath and have to “restart”. The lack of oxygen is felt all the time; well that among the debris stations constantly are small capsules, through which manages to hold out a little longer.

After some time, the constant pursuit of the air starts to get annoying. Especially admire the beauty of the once – it is necessary to look for a flash beacons indicating oxygen capsule, so frantically to click on the button of the scanner to highlight it on the screen and the radar site, where you can restock.

Over time, stored in a spacesuit volume of breathing gas can be increased, but even then it remains a priority list of our astronauts.

The threat of suffocation is not the only – the main character is an electric shock from the scraps of power cable or nail fragments revolving station. Nevertheless, the danger is not particularly annoying – it’s too easy to avoid them.

ADR1FT game review

When the bottom of the night comes, the earth’s surface blooms lights many cities.

Of course, travel around the ruins of the spacecraft, we do not just – it is necessary to find a way to come back. To do this, you must fix some system to get to the rescue shuttle, and try not to die on the way. Well, just like in “Gravity”, right? And here and there – I have to disappoint anyone who is looking forward to the gameplay, not inferior to inflame the passions of the film. Nothing like in ADR1FT

No – there will be no desperate attempts to reach the receding to infinity space station or massive shelling plant residues debris, nor any special difficulties with the equipment running. Instead – complete despondency journey from one oxygen cylinder to another, trying to understand the local navigation system (radar extremely uncomfortable), and all the growing irritation of the snail’s pace of the protagonist. Itinerary no less annoying – flights of the “Walk through the long corridor, press one button and return back the same way” is the rule rather than the exception.

Everything else, the developers have not decided on a bold step taken by the creators of all the same “Gravity”, in which there is no sound in a vacuum (they should not be in reality) – only music, breath sounds, radio traffic and noise from the contact suit with different materials.

In ADR1FT same all familiar – heard the crackle of electric discharges, electronic equipment squeak, the sound of blows and other effects. Beautiful, but never atmospheric. About the music and do not want to say: the composers of the game, apparently decided to escalate the situation, including the loud cacophony of some kind – a great idea.

The first half hour is happening on the screen to admire, then wait, when finally start the game, the next hour was a miss, and then you can not wait until this is over. The only good news is that somewhere at this moment ADR1FT and coming to an end (at all about all will go three hours of power).

ADR1FT game review

Award for Best Actor goes to an oxygen canister!