Actor Henry Cavill, who played Geralt in the “The Witcher” series from Netflix, spoke about his gaming corner

Everyone knows that Henry Cavill – an avid gamer and prefers to play on PC. This was revealed during numerous interviews with the actor who played the role of Geralt in the series “The witcher” on the Netflix. However, none of the journalists have yet asked Cavill about his “playing place” in the house. Site Employees Rich Rich Eisen Show decided to correct this misunderstanding in a December interview with the magazine.

In the end, Cavill described his place for the game quite differently than many expected.

“I don’t have a“ male den ”,” Cavill says in the video, which is literally titled “What’s It Like to be in Henry Cavill’s Gamer Cave.” “I have a small house in London – a kind of shed, the size of the old stables. Over the years, they have turned into houses, not as huge as the rest. So my computer desk is in my very small living room, more precisely at the end. That’s all. Nothing special”.

The information received indicates the actor’s prioritized priorities: the attributes of the game life are, of course, fun, but some people just have no time to play.

At the end of the video, Cavill confirms this theory, saying that he “barely has time to play.” Moreover, despite the fact that the actor plays “computer rather than console games”, and is a fan of Total War, and also sits online in World of Warcraft and Overwatch, he rarely watches streams of professional gamers:

“I barely find the time to play on my own on free days, so if I watch the gamers, I’ll simply lose the playing time allotted to me.”

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