Abyss of Money: PC Players Donate Record Amount to Star Citizen Development in 2023

Company Cloud Imperium Games has published an update on the fees for the development of an ambitious space simulator Star citizen and his independent single player campaign Squadron 42

Despite the fact that both projects still do not even have an approximate release date, fans continue to actively sponsor the development for eight years. Chris Roberts, thanks to which Cloud Imperium Games can boast of another record year.

So, in 2023, sponsors donated $ 80 million to Cloud Imperium Games, surpassing last year’s record of $ 48 million.

All in all, to date, the authors of Star Citizen were able to raise $ 340 million, which makes this project the most expensive in history.

Sponsors of the game get access to an ever-evolving alpha version of Star Citizen. As for Squadron 42, we will not see her soon, since Chris Roberts does not repeat the mistakes of Cyberpunk 2077 developers

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