A wonderful world in Gorogoa

 Gorogoa review

Of the independent productions what is often appreciated is the originality, the ability to dare and experiment, trying unusual ways that in the vast majority of cases are simply precluded from the titles of the great publishers.


Playing Gorogoa, it immediately becomes clear and clear how the effort of Jason Roberts is something special, extraordinary and precious: a unique product, different from any other, in which a brilliant idea has become reality through a work of complexity and precision that inevitably requires a pinch of madness. Or genius. Or, much more probably, of both.

A wonderful world in Gorogoa review


Gorogoa game is above all a work of art, and it is clear that the writer has always been extremely reluctant to associate this concept with the world of videogames.


Yet it would be impossible to categorize a game differently so strongly and inextricably linked to the surprising creative work of the author, where it is clear that the videogame medium is only the medium that has been chosen by him to express his genius. Because it is clear that Jason Roberts is primarily a talented designer; in fact, the matter is actually even more interesting, since Jason Roberts is a Silicon Valley computer engineer who had never done a videogame until now.

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Gorogoa is therefore its debut title, the result of a idea born and elaborated for more than seven years in a sort of long and complicated labor limae. The story opens with a boy who, looking out the window of his room, sees a huge and colorful creature crossing the city overlooking the roofs of the houses. At the moment gorogoa price in steam is 8.49$  Consulting a book, he discovers that the monster itself is portrayed as a kind of deity adored by his followers; the plot then develops between folklore and abstraction along the couple of hours necessary to reach the end.


In essence, Gorogoa is an entirely free text adventure with riddles that takes place on an area divided into four square panels: in each of them you can freely position, dragging it, a hand-drawn image that represents a place within which you can move in a predefined way, acting on certain interactive areas. For example from inside a room you can touch on books placed on a shelf and then narrow the frame on them, or rather act on a window to be projected in front of the hill that until a few moments before you could only see in the distance.


Each illustration is linked to another, but the extraordinary thing is that in the process of zooming and distancing, in the interaction with objects and in solving the puzzles you can be transported in an instant from a place to a completely different one, without any continuity solution.

 Gorogoa steam achievements

First fruits
First Fruit
Go through chapter 1.
Second fruits
Second Fruit
Go through chapter 2.
Third fruits
Third Fruit
Go through chapter 3.
Fourth fruit
Fourth Fruit
Go through chapter 4.
Fifth fruits
Fifth Fruit
Go through chapter 5.
Finish the game.
Beginners are lucky
First Try
Right are not right
Right Wrong
But why?
But Why?
Sleight of hand


The connections, transformations and changes go in fact entirely through the transitions created by the author, which transcend space and time giving life to absolutely incredible sequences, in a sort of magic. In all this, the illustrations can be manipulated, overlapped, disassembled and reassembled to find the key necessary to solve the puzzles.


A window, for example, can literally be detached from the rest of the background and moved to another panel to show a completely different place. Sometimes you have to put two images side by side to generate a new sequence, and to be able to continue: the detail of a finely decorated box placed inside a disordered room can also be the lower part of a huge tower, to be placed then under its natural other half to find the solution to the enigma.


Describing Gorogoa in words, trying to explain its mechanics is difficult, if not impossible:there are no terms capable of replicating what we feel by playing, the amazement and admiration that arise spontaneously and grow more and more with each further passage, at every moment when we stop to contemplate the detail and care with which they are designed. hundreds of illustrations and how they are connected to each other.


However, reducing Gorogoa to a mere display of artistic skill in drawing would be extremely simplistic, because in progression the player never feels just a spectator: on the contrary, the mechanics offer a strong sense of involvement to make it an integral part of this dreamlike and mysterious world, in also the difficulty level and the intelligence of the puzzles are calibrated in such a way as to guarantee continuous rewards.


The only real problem then lies in longevity, since many may find it too short an adventure that runs out within a couple of hours: from our point of view the intensity of the experience largely compensates its conciseness, but it is a subjective evaluation that is up to the individual user.


Release date for gorogoa ios and gorogoa android:December 14, 2017

Platforms:iOS , Android