Patapon Remastered

As of Patapon , as the original of 2007, the players are familiar with the tribe pataponov – fun one-eyed creatures, wearing with a variety of weapons and suiting all kinds of rituals. Once they were prosperous nation, but lost its influence after the attack, the army more powerful tribe zigatonov.

And now they can not without an experienced leader to nothing, though were brave warriors, ready to go into action at any moment. He comes to help players who are called Master, and only under his leadership pataponov be able to get to the end of the Earth (Earthend) and take back control of the whole surrounding area.

Producer Patapon Hiroyuki Kotani(Hiroyuki Kotani) said in an interview about how difficult it was to come up with a convenient and intuitive squad control system. If you make it too easy to play soon becomes boring. A constant display of buttons to press, was at odds with the idea of ​​the nation, do not understand the language of the player.

Therefore creatures react solely on the user executes the music. There are four basic sound-activated by pressing the square, circle, triangle and cross. One combination makes pataponov move forward, the other compels them to attack enemies, and then they learn to defend and retreat.

Therefore, passing the mission, you do not just mindlessly press the same button, but to understand what action is best done in the moment. To move forward, to try to destroy the obstacle, to come closer to the crowd zigatonov or not to run and attack from afar.

During fights with the “bosses” everything becomes more difficult, as they are able to cause very high damage, and from time to time to activate the protection literally is necessary. In most cases it is possible to predict when a monster will attack and thus a single combination amassed another, then the third, second and then again – and so on until the end.

Pressing counted only if they were made on time, so that without a good sense of rhythm to play Pataponundesirable.

It should be a time to get off, and men stumble, zastynut on the ground or even knocked to the ground, and during the fight with the enemy is close to anything good will not. But if you repeatedly enter the correct combination, pataponov enter the Fever Mode mode – they will be a little more difficult to manage (to keep track of the rhythm is not so easy because of the large number of sounds), but they will be more aggressive and dangerous to his enemies. In addition, only in such a state they can call on the fire and the wind – the first is useful in the heat, and the second will allow more to throw a spear.

Patapon Remastered game review

Fortifications and Towers enemy usually quickly fall apart.

This knowledge will be useful in the plot job, but in the side of mini-games, all depends on the speed and attentiveness. In one of them, the player controls a cook standing on a big talker tank surrounded by a variety of vegetables.

The task – time to press circle to the boss waving a knife and chipped flying from different sides of the food. Another mini-game is identical to the control, but you need time to water the huge flower or even entertain a small mountain come to life.

The reward will be useful resources. But how to unlock all this, you can read the details on the web – a lot of guides and in the game such secrets are not disclosed.

Outside of missions and mini-games, too, have something to do. Obtained during raids materials and resources, as well as dropping out from time to time the currency is spent on the creation of the tree of life with the help of new soldiers.

Their characteristics are determined by the quality used for the recruitment of subjects, and at some time to complete the task will not succeed without a serious army.

Especially great difficulties may arise in the battles with “bosses” – those pataponov spread quite rapidly, but falling out of them will be able to pick up the remains and use them to revive fallen soldiers at the base.

The detachment is divided into three parts, and only the player decides to take him to the archers, men with axes, spearmen or even bards. In addition, each of them you can equip more sophisticated weapons or armor, if they are in your inventory.