A skeleton in the closet

The Wardrobe takes us back to those adventures point and click that after dominating the world of video games have experienced some difficult moments, pushed by three-dimensional action and adventures in the first person who have focused attention and creativity of the developers.


But the genre has never turned off, still able to remind us, from time to time, that the point and click interface does not necessarily reduce itself to a mere sequence of attempts to find the right combination of objects. Be clear, this dynamic is an integral part of the genre,


but an adventure worthy of the name plays with its limits and manages to stimulate the meninges, escaping a heaviness that is always lurking because of the intrinsic limitations of an extremely gameplay simplified.


And it is precisely the ability to stimulate thought one of the strengths that meeting after meeting we believed to see in The Wardrobe, an all-Italian game, graphically cared for and full of that special humor that has given the story some of the most beautiful graphic adventures of all time.



Today is the moment of verification for what is one of the fruits of a new wave of enthusiasm of the Italian video game scene, a scene that does not have problems adopting global languages ​​to measure itself against the whole world.

We measured ourselves with the complex enigmas of The Wardrobe, an amazing point and click made in Italy


The Wardrobe begins with a deep friendship that stops abruptly due to a lethal plum. The blame is a terrible allergy that gives us a skeletal protagonist in his hand, a pile of big-headed bones that, thanks to supernatural forces, finds himself bound to a mysterious wardrobe from whose belly he must save his friend’s soul from eternal perdition.


Unfortunately, the already particular situation is destined to be further complicated due to a move that, involving the esoteric piece of furniture, puts at risk the sacred bone of Skinny, suddenly forced to embark on a series of ups and downs. And this is how he finds himself meeting a bizarre gallery of figures that include an alcoholic Gesoo, a pair of Acchiappafantasmi, the painter Manet,


a skin of a monster of megalomaniac dust that immediately makes clear the surreal component of an adventure born of that cauldron of tentacles, macabre humor, time machines and assorted follies with which in the past LucasArts has conquered the hearts of thousands of players.

A skeleton in the closet
A skeleton in the closet

Players accustomed to being offended by an impertinent protagonist who, even in this case, delights us with his sympathy, breaking the fourth wall with insults. And that works just like the bloody details and tons of quotes that fill every single screen work.


References to videogames, such as Portal and Fallout, accompanied by souls of every era, iconic films of the eighties, animated feature films and television series entered the common imaginary, as in the unmistakable couple of blue horn and yellow umbrella hanging from the kitchen wall.


In the more than forty rooms of The Wardrobe there is enough stuff to make the heart of every genre, even if there is the risk that this heart of sweetheart beating too strong or too slow in front of riddles that can be unsettling.


Often the logical link is there, but it becomes clear only after having passed passages artificially made difficult by the short descriptions, the surreal vein of the game and the need to move through the different areas of a town that opens gradually in front of us .