A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. sold for a record 660 thousand dollars – Igromania

American auction house Heritage reports that Super Mario Bros. became the most expensive game in history. This week, a sealed copy of the platformer sold for a record $ 660,000.
Previously, the record belonged to another game in the series – Super Mario Bros. 3, which in November last year was sold for 156 thousand dollars. And last July, another sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. left the auction for 114 thousand dollars.

This time, the condition of the copy turned out to be the best ever professionally assessed for an auction. It was also distinguished by a special production period, which was very short. It is reported to be the oldest sealed copy of the game ever offered by Heritage.

According to the seller, this copy of Super Mario Bros. was bought in late 1986 as a Christmas present, but ended up in an office desk drawer. There, it remained untouched for 35 years before being discovered earlier this year.

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