A schoolboy on a stream for the sake of money screamed loudly and lost his computer

The young streamer during the next live broadcast for the sake of a big money donate screamed loudly, which caused his mother’s aggression and eventually lost his gaming computer.

Streamer with nickname jaredsnipedyou held his next broadcast on the popular game Rust, reports Gamebomb.ru. Live, the 14-year-old student decided to scream as loud as possible in order to infuriate his mother. He did this not for free, but for every $ 5 received from the audience. After seven deafening screams, his mother was platooned. The next dollar received was the fifth, so the student decided on the eighth attempt. He screamed so loudly that his microphone could not cope, so that the audience heard mostly some interference. He paid for his act.

After the cry, the student sat back at the table and said that he would wait for the reaction of his mother, Gamebomb.ru reports. A moment later, she entered the room and began to read her son. The Rust fan was scared and leaned to the side, afraid to get hit. “You have fun screaming like this again, but I will take your fucking computer for a month from you,” said the angry mother. She continued to scold her son using harsh expressions, and tried to turn off the PC. Soon the broadcast was interrupted. Apparently, the schoolboy will face severe punishment, and he will not be able to stream for a long time.

A fragment with the invasion of streamer mom live was cut out and quickly gained popularity on social networks. The video was amused by some users. Others considered it an ugly act to make money on the anger of their mother.