A preliminary review of the City of Brass. Dark Messiah of the Arabian Peninsula

– I am free! Free! Quickly covet anything! Say: “I want the Nile.” Wish Nile. Come on!
– I want the Nile.
– Those guys! What bliss! Freedom!
The game is not working newcomers – a team of independent developers Uppercut Games creators of the legendary work of BioShock . Ed Orman, a leading designer of City of Brass, mentioned the return “to the old paths”, only this time it will be steeped in the magic of the Orient.
Copper scenery of the city and its colorful inhabitants came straight out of fairy tales that Scheherazade languid voice whispered whimsical Sultan. The ancient epic or harsh Scandinavian myths for children over eighteen regularly pop up in popular culture, but wonderful stories Arabia has always attracted some special spicy flavor.
The City of Brass powerful genies erecting palaces out of the ground, and deft thieves steal for the Treasury, avoiding traps and guards. Remain indifferent to such a rich exotic almost impossible.


The architecture is beyond praise.
In addition to the east of the setting, this game will offer fans of the mechanics of languor contact fights in the first person. The vast majority of usual slasher places the camera at arm’s length from the hero. The user can enjoy the animation and combat choreography and fast moving opponents relatively stable does not confuse the player.
Sentinel Copper city sleeps. At all.
But it is first-person view allows you to get on a virtual fight the deepest feelings. With the right approach to the development of the action on the screen is perceived almost tactile level. As an example, recall The Chronicles of Riddick from Swedish magicians from Starbreeze Studios and has become a classic in its genre Dark Messiah of Might and Magic. By the way, the history of the Dark Messiah at the City of Brass lot in common.
Melee. A very close battle.
In any case, first-person games with an emphasis on melee weapon while a little. Beating ravenous ghouls in Dead Island and Dying Light on the fencing does not pull, and dark fantasy Hellride from Polish territories and all covered with frost in the production hall. Therefore, the project Uppercut Games special hopes.
Enemies spit at fair fight with a high minaret.
East, as we know, is a delicate matter, and we play for a thief – the knights in shining armor is not delivered. The aim will be the greatest treasure hidden in the heart of Copper city. On the way to untold riches can estimate a realistic display of acrobatics and chases.
Running Thief – is not just a camera hanging in front of sweaty nose. This is exactly the rapid overcoming obstacles, quick change of angle and uneven rhythm. The protagonist constantly grabs objects hands, feet, and pushed strongly interacts with the surrounding elements. Something similar, but without the drive, we saw in the harrowing thriller Outlast .
The thief is able to fight with both hands.
Street thief is not allowed to drag panels – his hands are busy scimitar (scimitar) and a whip, which is very convenient to combine. Lunging blade, you can simultaneously blind, deafen or even whip to disarm the enemy. With its help it is convenient to get valuable items and overcome obstacles; scheme “caught on, jumped, flying over the abyss” is functioning properly since the venerable Dr. Jones.
The creators of the game say that the fight will open unprecedented scope for improvisation. Enemies will be set on fire, play off each other and throw heavy objects. Special attention is paid to the sophisticated traps, and here made a nod to the other classical Arabic tales – Prince of Persia .
Living dead funny look, but in large amounts are dangerous.
Clobber citizens, guards and other “real” people do not have to, bloody fountains will not. Our main enemy – this monster of the desert of the undead. Back in the Copper City found sympathizers us the jinn, but only as prisoners. They can barter stolen trinkets on the improvement of weapons, magic Soup or information about caches and secrets. And you can stamp his foot and arrogantly demand that the execution genie three wishes. Most players probably compassionate grant genie free. For such altruism you tearfully promised to help in difficult times.
Welcome to the genie. Be careful what you wish for.
Most of the questions is the intention of the developers to mix in one pot elements of thriller blockbuster and hooligan subgenre rogue-like. What will be the relation is not clear yet. It declared the death of the character without the ability to replay and procedural generation city corners with each new passage. However, the expected deep economic system and interaction with NPC, bad fit with the race to the nearest ten minute inscription «Game Over».
And the generation levels in a colorful three-dimensional picture confused. Scatter isometric trees, stumps and caves in Diablo can be infinite, and thus nobody will leave offended. But draw the fabulous Eastern city with the use of modern technologies and constantly change its appearance is much more difficult. Well, the team promises impeccable logic in the location structure, and we can only wait and trust.
Good lash in the face stop even revived the dead.