A “piece of shit” that gave rise to the cult “The Witcher”: Screenshots of the prototype of The Witcher published

Former employee Cd projekt Ryszard Chojnowski shared screenshots from an earlier version The witcher. The first version of the game was based on a graphics engine from a shooter Mortyr 2093-1944developed by the studio Mirage media.

CD Projekt was originally involved in localizing games, and also helped develop a sequel PC port Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliancewhich was canceled due to collapse Interplay. In the hands of the Poles, the source code remained, so the company decided to expand the business and continue work on an analogue of Dark Alliance, which became The Witcher. So the studio was born CD Projekt Red.

According to employees, the first version of the game was a “piece of shit.” As in Diablo and Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, it was supposed to play with a top view. With a demo on hand, CD Projekt tried to interest publishers in the project, but crashed.

As a result, the original development team was redesigned, the office in Lodz was closed, and The Witcher was restarted thanks to a collaboration with Biowarewhich licensed the company to the company Aurora. The rest has already become history.

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