A number of GTA mods removed at the request of Take-Two – review addiction

Famous among fans and content creators for the series Grand Theft Auto Russian site LibertyCity reported that representatives Take-Two Interactive sent a letter to the administration demanding to remove modifications that violate copyright.
As in previous cases, most of the “illegal” mods involve transferring maps from older games to newer ones. At the same time, attempts to add locations from other games also suffered.

The following modifications are no longer available on the LibertyCity website:

  • Vice cry: remastered – a map from GTA Vice City in GTA V, the original Vice Cry was also blocked;
  • OpenManhunt – Replacing the GTA San Andreas map with levels from both parts of Manhunt;
  • Liberty revind – one of the first attempts to transfer Liberty City to GTA V;
  • OpenBull – replacement of the GTA San Andreas map with the city of Bullworth from Bully: Scholarship Edition;
  • Grand Theft Auto V: Bullworth – another conversion of the Bully map, this time in GTA V;
  • ViIV – replacement of Liberty City from GTA IV to Los Santos from GTA V;
  • SA2LC – map of San Andreas in GTA III;
  • Liberty City & Vice City – addition of Liberty City and Vice City to the Los Santos map in GTA V.

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