A nice New Year gift from Sony is waiting for PlayStation 4 owners – go in and download rare dynamic themes for free

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At the beginning of the month we told about a unique promotion from the German division Playstation, within which users Playstation 4 with experience, it is possible to get three unique themes for your console at once for free. Sony Interactive Entertainment reported that the action will end on December 24 and urged the players to act quickly – less than two days left

Why is it important? Themes are very rare – even rare. There is no other way to get them during normal timesThey are not on sale either.

As a reminder, the themes are handed out in exchange for “loans” as part of a big Christmas promotion. European players also have the opportunity to take part in the drawing of games and gadgets, but Russia was bypassed here. Therefore, you can only count on topics.

We will explain step by step what needs to be done

one. Go to the promotion website in a browser… It is completely in German. To better navigate, you can turn on page translation.

2. Click on the blue button, you will be taken to the login page, where you need to enter your PlayStation account information and log in.

3. The system will automatically collect data about the trophies you have earned in games and will calculate a bonus for them in the form of “credits”. One Bronze Trophy – 15 credits, Silver – 30 credits, Gold – 90 credits, Platinum – 180 credits. We mentioned above that the promotion is relevant only for experienced players. In this case, these are those who have not been playing for the first day and have earned trophies on their account. Such users will easily collect topic credits.

4. Scroll down to the card with topics and click on it.

4. A menu with a choice of themes will open – there are three of them. Each costs 3,000 credits. Click on the first theme you like and click the button at the bottom right. After that, the screen will display a unique code for downloading the theme to the PlayStation Store. Copy it and save. And get the same codes for other topics if they interest you too.

5. Go to the Russian PlayStation Store from the PlayStation 4 console or browser and redeem the received theme codes through the menu in the usual way. In the end, everything will be on your account.

What the themes look like:

Attention! If the themes are loaded with a “lock” and the system displays a note “Data cannot be used”, you need to carry out a simple license recovery procedure… On the console, go to Settings> Account Management> Restore Licenses.

Enjoy your use!

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