A new modification for The Witcher 3 makes the gameplay more realistic – review

Site user Nexus mods named Alex Vuchkovich released a modification Redux for The witcher 3. According to him, she makes enough serious changes to the game so that the gameplay seems more realistic and more consistent with the lore of the universe.

In addition, Vuchkovich tried to fix problems with pumping in add-ons. “Stone Hearts” and “Blood and wine”, and also redesigned the skill system so that after level 30 it does not seem so meaningless.

For example, with the Redux modification, adrenaline begins to play a more important role in the tree of combat skills and allows you to use some very powerful abilities. However, now it is much more difficult to accumulate and much easier to lose.

Damage scaling and additional effects of signs were also modified, and the tree itself was redesigned. According to the author, now witch signs will seem more useful than in the original game.

As far as alchemy is concerned, the changes will prevent Geralt from swallowing the elixirs one by one at high levels of toxicity, so that players can begin to use them more carefully. In addition, potions became more useful, and decoctions – less situational.

Finally, the modification changed the mutations, the complexity of the game, the characteristics and skills of opponents, including monsters and people, and also introduced a new system of fatigue and a new system of resistance to damage per second.

The full list of changes, as well as the modification itself, can be found on the website Nexus mods by the link.