A new game? Quantic Dream Studio, which created Heavy Rain and Detroit, has prepared many surprises for this year.

Last year was a turning point for Quantic dream. The French team has completed cooperation with Sonyhas released three of its latest projects in Epic Games Store and received a package of investments from the Chinese NetEasethanks to which, in the future, the studio will be able to move on to creating multi-platform games and engage in publishing, releasing projects of third-party developers under its wing.

At the moment, Quantic Dream is in silent mode, but, apparently, it will not last long. Addressing fans in a slightly belated New Year greeting message, co-founder David cage noted that The coming 2023 promises to be even more exciting and will present fans with many surprises. The head of the studio urged fans to follow the news.

What Quantic Dream is currently working on is still unknown, but previously co-founder of the studio Guillaume de Fondomieux hinted that the team is interested in learning different genres.

The latest release of “Quantum” is the interactive thriller Detroit: Become Human. Read our review here..

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