A fish named Illidan

However, when we review an expansion – but this also applies to any MMO at launch – we do not know how the situation will evolve in the following months: we judge what we have in our hands , of course. For example, at the excellent launch of Warlords of Draenor we did not know that wow blizzard would have entrusted the script of the final bars to a bunch of howler monkeys.


We did not know that Irvine’s company would forget to update its blockbuster for almost a year, as we did not know – but we had a strong suspicion, given the precedents – that wow original would lose millions of subscribers within a few months.


When Blizzard announced Legion, however, we knew he was trying to make up for his mistakes, giving the Warcraft fans what they wanted for years: a “full immersion” in the mythology of its universe and a new perspective with which to tackle ten new levels to character. Now that we have thoroughly explored the Disperse Islands and set foot in the first raid, the Emerald Nightmare, we can sum up what, guess what, is the best expansion of World of Warcraft.

Legion is an exceptional expansion that will thrill new and old World of Warcraft players


The leveling phase that Blizzard has prepared this time is one of the most engaging and exciting in the history of his MMORPG. The premise should by now know it well: the “revived” Gul’dan is helping the Burning Legion to conquer Azeroth and our hope to drive out the invaders lies in the Pillars of Creation, five relics kept in the Disperse Islands.

A fish named Illidan

The Alliance and the Horde immediately moved to retrieve them, but their landing on the Sheltered Shore caused the death of the Stormwind king, Varian Wrynn, and the warlord Vol’jin: each faction accuses the other of his own loss and this renewed rivalry will emerge in every region of the dispersed islands, intertwining with the events of their populations.


To fully understand the story it would be necessary to play in both factions, which reconfirms the care that the screenwriters have put in the drafting of the plot, net of some minor forgetfulness that may be clarified in the future.

In any case, the four regions of Stormheim, Alto Monte, Val’sharah and Azsuna offer really compelling storylines that incorporate a number of outstanding issues, almost touching twelve years of stories in a crescendo of discoveries and twists accompanied by a incredible soundtrack and dubbing – in Italian and English – of the highest quality.


To make the experience even more interesting from the point of view of the gameplay is the fact that this time the challenges grow with the player: the enemies increase in power at each level up of our character, guaranteeing us not only a homogeneous challenge from level 100 to 110, but also the ability to change the zone at any time or to play with anyone regardless of its level thanks to a complex algorithm that balances the relationships between the players and their targets.


Increasing the level and completing the missions has never been so pleasant, because both the obstacles and the rewards are always at the same height and you feel encouraged to complete each region for the sake of discovering how the story continues and what prizes are due to us from time to time. In this sense, the unpublished finding of artifacts has proved successful … even if with some reservations.


Now players no longer find weapons but earn points with which to enhance their artifacts – iconic weapons linked to the various specializations of each class – and unlock various bonuses without being forced to follow a specific order: it’s a bit like having a talent tree old school, which reinforces the bond that is created between the player and his weapon, thanks to the possibility of changing its appearance after reaching certain goals.

If it is true that raising the weapon and personalizing it is an idea that definitely renews the leveling of world of warcraft the game, it is also the fact that the system makes the growth of a secondary specialization particularly frustrating given that the artifact points are precious and it is better to infuse them all into the weapon of our favorite specialization.


Perhaps Blizzard wanted to set specific roles to diversify the community, however, they are mainly affected by players who are forced by circumstances to change specialization, holding a weapon much less developed: who plays the incursions in the endgame will have understood precisely where the problem arises


But the developers have promised that by the end of the expansion players will have managed to maximize at least two weapons without too much effort. At the moment this promise does not help much, but it is already something.

wow expansion release dates

  • AUS / NA: November 23, 2004
  • EU: February 11, 2005

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