A detailed analysis of “The Ghost of Tsushima” – as shown by Sucker Punch in a large demonstration of Ghost of Tsushima on State of Play

May 14, Sony spoke in detail about the game Ghost of tushusha during the latest issue of the transmission State of play. Developers Sucker punch commented on the broadcast on the background, thanks to which we now know much more about the authors’ next project Infamous and Sly cooper.

What is the story of the samurai Jin, read below.


  • Sucker Punch wanted to make the island itself guide the player, without interfering with his immersion in the game.

  • To navigate the open world, you will need to use the Guiding Wind. First you need to mark a point on the map, which will lead to the appearance of wind in the game. Players can then follow him to the designated location.
  • For quick movement, players have a horse that they can whistle as necessary. It is not yet clear at what point the animal will become available for use.
  • In the absence of standard guidelines for such games, players need to monitor objects: puffs of smoke on the horizon, unusual and strange trees, as well as animals and birds can lead the hero to interesting places on the map.
  • Among the items that can be found at locations, mention is made of bamboo and yew. Rare items can also be found when exploring abandoned buildings.
  • Among the locations shown were highlighted: Kashine Hills, Yagata Forest and Farmstead.
  • The Mongol-controlled farm contains many tasks, such as rescuing hostages.
  • In the video, Jin meets a man by the fire who warns him about the spirits in the forest.

  • The foxes encountered along the way will lead the hero to the shrines located throughout the island. Having found them, Jin can go to the altar and pray. For this, the character will receive various improvements. For example, the new Minor Charm slot.
  • Having discovered a key point, players will subsequently be able to quickly move into it.

Combat system and stealth

  • During his journey, Jin can challenge enemies.
  • The video showed a battle near the shipyard, where the hero used only one blow to destroy each of the enemies.
  • “Each hit must be taken into account,” reads one of the rules of the game.
  • Players can fend off enemy attacks to launch a counterattack at the last moment.
  • It is necessary to change the racks to inflict the maximum possible damage.
  • In the same segment of the video with the shipyard, a secretive passage was shown. Jin distracts enemies to sneak up on them as a Ghost, using fear as a weapon.

  • A hero can use fireworks to lure enemies out of cover and then kill them. If a player acts fast enough, he can destroy several opponents before they notice him.
  • In addition, you can use smoke bombs to avoid a fight and dodge the attacks of enemies who spotted Jin.
  • Kunai should be used to quickly kill the enemy.
  • With the constant use of stealth, the Mongols will “learn to fear the Phantom” and will try to avoid the Jin actions listed above, which players can use to gain a tactical advantage.
  • The grip hook is used by Jin to swing and get to inaccessible places or climb up.
  • During the battle at the shipyard, the hero uses the Mongols’ weapons against them – Jin sets fire to barrels of gunpowder to blow up their boat and ultimately destroy the shipyard.

Character customization

  • Jin can wear various types of armor, which gives him tactical advantages in the game. It’s not only the appearance that changes, the hero’s equipment must correspond to his fighting style.
  • Players will be able to find omamori amulets that give Jin advantages in battle. But, more importantly, they allow you to learn the unique techniques of both the samurai and the Ghost. In which direction to develop the hero is up to the players to decide.
  • Flowers grow on the island to repaint the armor.

Photo mode

  • The Ghost of Tsushima photo mode contains standard features: color correction, depth of field, focusing at a specific point, but it also provides interesting new features.

  • While creating a photo or video, players can control the direction and speed of the wind, decorate the picture with a scattering of fireflies or falling leaves.
  • Users are even able to choose the music that accompanies the video from the game’s soundtrack to their taste.

Voice and visual settings

  • Ghost of Tsushima includes English and Japanese voice acting. The latter can be chosen even before the players begin their adventure.
  • The Japanese version of Jin Sakai is voiced by actor Kazuya Nakai, famous for his role as sword master Roronoa Zoro in the One Piece anime.
  • The black-and-white mode (as in the classic films of the “chambers” genre) and graininess (imitation of a picture taken on an old film) can be turned on from the very beginning of the game, then visually it will turn into the famous samurai action films of the past.

Ghost of Tsushima will go on sale July 17, 2023 exclusively on the PlayStation 4.

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