A craftsman made joysticks for the Nintendo Switch from the original GameCube controller

Channel craftsman Shank mods, famous for a large variety of console modifications Nintendo, I decided to build joysticks for Switch from the original GameCube controller. He recorded the entire difficult process of preparing and manufacturing the device on video.

Being an avid lover Super Smash Bros., Shank Mods could not pass by the ideal, in the understanding of fans, control option in the fighting game. As a donor, he used the wireless WaveBird, which was exactly the same height as the hybrid console.

In the manufacturing process, the modder used a 3D printer, but it took several months to get all this to work. WaveBird was cut in half, and mounting rails were inserted into the sinuses that formed, so that the device would slide and snap into the Switch.

The final version looks and plays almost like a standard controller for the GameCube. Moreover, it contains all the basic functions of the original joysticks, including wireless connection, support for HD vibration, gyroscopes and amiibo figures.

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