A Comedy in Two Acts: The Surprising Story of How Hermann Hulst Flipped His PlayStation 5 and Help the NeoGAF Reader

Last week leader PlayStation Worldwide Studios Hermann Hulst uploaded a funny video to his personal blog in which he showed his cat fascinated by the game Bugsnaxrunning on the console Playstation 5

However, the discussion of the publication began to build in not around the furry beast. Instead, users noticed the strange location of the console. Hulst set the PlayStation 5 upside down for some reason. What can be clearly seen from the hole in the disc drive, which should be at the bottom:

When users Twitter began to make fun of Hulst, he deleted the original video, trimming it slightly so that “inverted“I couldn’t see the console on it anymore:

It would seem that this comic story should come to an end, but soon it found its continuation on the forums NeoGAF… The user who called the cooling system of his PS5 too noisy decided to repeat “reception of Hermann Hulst“and set the console in the wrong position. To the surprise of the gamer himself, the trick gave an unexpected result – the fan began to work noticeably quieter, without making any unnecessary sounds… Later, several more players repeated the trick, thanking Hulst for the “advice”.

Branch on NeoGAF quickly went into a playful direction – the players began to wonder if the inverted PS5 could solve other problems.

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