The return from the underworld

On the other hand are the Black Ops to have kept up the name of the series and this new DLC is a fitting tribute to one of the most fun extras of all time.Zombie Chronicles brings eight zombie remastered maps, at a price not exactly competitive. Will there be enough meat to fire to justify it?

New lights, new polygonal models and textures in HD: what more could you want? A competitive price!


The first thing to be wondered by looking critically at this commercial operation is how much the choice to propose a DLC after almost two years from the launch of a Call of Duty can be interesting and rewarding for the players. The community has already moved on to the new chapter (sales on the other hand speak for themselves) and many may even have sold


Black Ops III in favor of one of the giants released in recent months. It sounds strange then that Treyarch arrives to propose these new eight maps as additional DLC and not as a stand-alone content , a choice that perhaps could have attracted some more fans and that maybe would have also guaranteed greater freedom in development.

The return from the underworld
The return from the underworld

Zombies Chronicles. in fact, it is limited to doing the homework, re-proposing the old locations without altering the design, re-proposing the same spawns as the enemies, the thousand available shortcuts or the easter eggs. The gaming experience is exactly the same as a few years ago, albeit with slight variations on the subject. The package opens Nacht der


Untoten, where it all began, a map that presents an effective structure, almost elementary in its construction, but which reveals the backbone of a brilliant idea.


It is the zero patient, that simple map without too many frills from which the virus has spread by infecting every other single iteration but that represents the real beating heart of the whole experience. It is wonderful to rediscover a map of a few square meters,Everything is as we remembered


it and this feeling, this pleasant sensation also recurs on other maps present, improved aesthetically with new textures and effects, embellished with a new lighting system as well as enhanced by more accurate polygonal models.Not having had to work on new features Treyarch has thus been able to devote to reinvigorate the technical sector and the steps forward are obvious, especially in older maps such as Shi no


Numa or Verrukt or the aforementioned Nacht der Untotenma but also Kino Der Toten of Black Ops and Origins of Black Ops II shine with new light. There is only one thing that stuns in all this amarcord and it is the will of Treyarch to keep the arsenal of Black Ops III also for the maps set during the Second World War. We will find ourselves handling the guns of this last chapter rather than the usual weapons, which will slightly lower the difficulty curve and force you to review, even if only slightly, your plans for the completion of the adventures.