Lineage 2 Revolution, a preview of the Mobile MMO game

Once created the character by choosing from twelve possible combinations, including 4 races and three classes, which can be explored in two


sub-branches starting at level 31, we immediately went to action. The narrative premises that the Silverlight Mercenaries see, the group to which we will get together at the beginning of the story, face the unstoppable D


ark Society, seemed to us to be simple pretexts to give a reason for the sequel to quests that will develop shortly thereafter. From time to time, it is the will to bring the player back to the narrative background, however present, but the appeal of fighting to gain


a character enhancement or new equipment always has the best. For this reason, we will focus on analyzing the gameplay of the title, which, as you will see,

Lineage 2 Revolution, a preview of the Mobile MMO game
Of the older age, the title resumes the system to classes and skills. The breed goes to define the stats of a character while the class has the skills
. From here onwards we will be able to enhance ours with better equipment, leveling up and improving both passive and active skills. Weapons and armor are needed in order to compete by leveling up, which is why, once equip
ped, it is our duty to continue to improve them, recovering materials from other objects that are weaker or using the same degree, or even using
objects to be found specially designed for this purpose. Once level 30 is reached, the object can return to Level 1 by climbing to grade, according to a mechanics that is now over-develope

d in mobile RPGs. And d ‘ I also need to enhance the various statistics by using the runes, to apply to several slots inserted in a progression tree quite simplified. The structure therefore envisages a multiplicity of growths, so as to make the PG improvement stage varied and continuously attractive.

Lineage 2 Revolution, a preview of the Mobile MMO game

This is in fact the best part of Lineage 2 Revolution, which in the early stages of the game (up to level 20 to understand) is not distinguished from the appeal of quests that, in addition to maintaining the typical MMORPG structure, perform in aut

omatic mode execution, on one side incredibly effective for simplify the controls, on the other hand absolutely weak in the involvement of the player. The battle itself, though some optimizations being made possible, such as when using potions automatically
, is plagued by automatic skill management that minimizes the use of the brain. You can avoid it by pressing the attack button, turning off the skillful activation of the skills, but it’s a little practice to implement.
Another aspect in which the game is solid is in the amount of activity that, if well spaced, between the main mission divided into episo
des, daily and various Dungeon (PvE) and Battlefield (PvP) they never leave a pause to the player, as well as the need to spend too much time or money to recover materials to keep on going in the story. Obviously, there is also to be ad
mitted that this is just a first try, and surely the game could turn out to be very different by approaching the end-game; That being said, however, it is pleasing to note that it is not immediately pushed into a pay-to-win mechanism.
Lineage 2 Revolution, a preview of the Mobile MMO game
Technically, the game runs on an Unreal Engine 4 with all the respect in terms of graphics quality, but unfortunately optimization even on a phone such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not the best and this results in frame cuts independent o
f the settings you choose . Beyond that, in the Lineage 2 Revolution practiceis definitely playable, though the phone heating is secured after a few minutes of gaming, given the gaming engine resource demand. The interface is rich in icons, but not overly
chaotic: it is not difficult to juggle each other without accidentally clicking other things. As for networking, our presence within the gaming world has been solid both via Wi-Fi and via 4G, albeit lonely because of the shortage of online people before the official launch.