Back on Talos-1.
No timing loop, this time: let’s go to a gameplay that sees our protagonist, Morgan Yu, already equipped and strengthened with some abilities that will allow him to deal with clashes and situations more agile and less complicated. As usual, the Gloo Cannon (which we
will talk about later) and the gun are valuable allies to eliminate the Typhon enemies that, if taken under their feet, will not hesitate to kill you without too much trouble. In this sense, the first nice news: PreyIt is difficult, clash management is not so straightforward and will require a bit of mechanical study.
The difficulty lies mainly in absorbing and utilizing the game structure best: to understand what weapon to use, when to use it, and when to change it to inflict the decisive hit on the enemy, it will be decisive. If you’re too naive or stinky then you’ll leave your pens secure. This build also provided some freedom of exploration, which we understood to be a fundamental part of Pr
ey . When we talk of freedom, let’s do so by suggesting the literal meaning of the term: you will not be too guided in Prey, and you can decide to deal with the situations as you’d like, if you like, maybe losing it somewhat in the Talos-1 station, which is confirmed to be interesting and well articulated. Morgan had used us to three branches of s
kill, but they become six (wow!): They will also be able to develop energetic, telepathic and elusive skills, such as using the metaphysical properties of the Typhon to turn to the subject go through a lock, or fire an energy wave that can create an explosion and inflict damage to the area. To do this, you will obviously need to invest the Neuromods that we will find in the game (the more you will be
curious and explore, the more you will find) and despite the amounts to be used for boosters will not be too exaggerated, you will still be called to make a cautious choice on which branch to put your trust. In addition to the new fields of specialization, the Psychosphere also comes: an object that once worn will allow Morgan to examine the technology and living beings around him; scanning more things will unlock new slots for chunky chips and -Picture- Psychoscope, useful in improving some of Morgan’s parameters. Said this,Prey has been surprised by almost unusual gameplay solutions today: in addition to the already mentioned metamorphosis in small (or large objects) to mimic or overcome an obstacle, the intelligent use of weapons is added, such as Gloo Cannon: the foam that create the weapon can be used to create artificial paths to climb, useful to reach hidden or secret areas. Since they are no longer used to seeing similar dynamics in recent FPS, we have been somewhat disassociated, without being able to figure out how to reach the elevated area we saw above our head. Discovering this happy choice of gameplay has impressed us, because despite Prey being a FPS driven story, it never comes to surprise the player with interesting and challenging gaming mechanics.For the rest, the production of Arkhane Studios is confirmed by the point of view of fiction (of which we have yet to understand) and the atmospheres that will inevitably remember Half Life and Black Mesa’s research structure. Technically the game is clean, effective and immersive (pc version), for console testing it will wait a few weeks.