Stories of vendetta between farms
overgrowth It is not Wolfire’s first work, but follows the tracks of Lugaru, a title released in 2005 and which also put duels and fights between animals with postures and human behaviors.
Much of those schemes have been taken up and enlarged by the new title that, in addition to sharing the background with its predecessor, is also one of the campaigns of the previous title, a mode called without too much fancy Lugaru Story and consisting of twenty-one acts .
 Do not be fooled by this number, the scenes are real fragments and each does not last for more than a few minutes, just time to defeat the knock and punch the fake handpiece of enemies and listen to some quick swapping, useful to carry the plot.
 The incipit of history seems to have come out of a classic Steven Seagal movie, with a lot of initial cliché indispensable for starting the blood feud: in this campaign the player dresses like Turner, a rabbit on the tracks of the one who has extinguished his family , transforming it into a perfect war machine.
 Do not expect great moral, deep characters or special subtleties, because Overgrowth not only shares the starting point of many B series action movies, but all of his action and sequencing of the action seem to come out of the pen of a poorly-screened writer: the fragments are jittery next to each other just to give a bit of texture coherence, but the characters go and go without a real one because, while the setting goes from the snowy mountains to the desert dunes in a blink of an eye. I did not use the word fragments randomly, but the term is best suited to explain the scenes of the campaign, which are literally cut and blocked by loads. overgrowth is not limited to reproducing only the traces of its past, but it inserts an ex-new campaign that, with further imagination, is called its own Overgrowth Story.
There is one thing that unites this new narrative line with the previous story and is its rough writing. Once again, the affair revolves around the thirst for revenge of the protagonist, committed to fight against those who are reducing slavery by rabbits, assisted by their guard troops, also made up of armored dogs, subdued mice and fierce wolves. I would really like to tell you more, but the truth is that once again the overcrowding of the campaign combined with flat characters and speechlessness does not help capture the attention. In both campaigns,
The reality is that the content of most interest is not represented by the two short campaigns, but they come directly from the fantasy of the community, which has accumulated around Overgrowth over the years and has created so many mods to make the game unrecognizable .
Just to make a few examples: there is one that transforms the game into a beat 1 VS 1, others insert several and more interesting campaigns, not even one that recreates the world of Mirror’s Edge , including Faith. The barefoot material is in short, and if the game manages to capture you with your combat system, it may even be that you will be glued for hours and hours. That is, the gaming mechanics can capture, I’m rather skeptical.
Overgrowth, the review of an action melee with rabbits and anthropomorphic animals
Bunnies were not born to fight …
I go from afar, exactly from Absolver : the title developed by Sloclap is not perfect and not all of its potential has been respected, but its complex and satisfying combat system should be framed and elevated to paradigm for any fighting game.
In some ways, Overgrowth remembers with his combat system as seen in Absolver – although for the timeliness the names of the two games should be reversed – but everything seems too sketched and confused and it would suffice to say that all offensive actions are subject to pressure of a single button to understand the mechanics’ softness.
Fighting is mainly with bare hands, even though there are no weapons such as swords, daggers or sticks: what is the mode of attack, Overgrowth can in no way return the feeling of impacts and kicks, punches and fenders appear always cross intangible bodies.