Four horror games to be recovered in honor of Friday 13

Curated by Yuri “YP” Polverino of 13/10/2017
Every year there is a special mention on our calendar: Friday 13th (along with Friday 17th) is the day when everything can happen, usually nothing positive. Today, superstitions aside, is also the day one of The Evil Within 2, a new chapter in the survival horror series produced by Shinji Mikami. The genre to which the detective Castellanos’s adventures are linked is full of other titles that somehow honor the terrible nuances of life. Orphic monsters, ansiogenic situations, lethal and malicious reincarnations; in short, the horror makes some of our worst fears worse, thus creating the relationship of hatred / love that connects us almost viscerally to the story of the protagonists. To celebrate this opportunity we thought to go back in time by going to recover those that we think are four of the titles you absolutely play (or rewind), maybe this night, in the dark, with the headphones and a candle that only partially illuminates your bedroom.

Resident Evil 4

Leon’s Odyssey on a foreign land was a real turning point for the Capcom saga. The first true Resident Evil of new generation, strong in innovative dynamics and a graphic design that at the time was completely respectful. In this new iteration, the gameplay renounces a bit to the survival component: camera behind shoulders, more ammunition, more enemies, and more frenzy. In short, a framework that represents a turning point in structural terms; change that has enchanted criticism and publicity. Resident Evil 4 is one of those games that should be in the library of all enthusiasts.
Four horror games to be recovered in honor of Friday 13

Dead Space

A set of genres and elements that fascinate just to mention them: horror, science fiction, and a truly intriguing artistic and design. Dead Space came out in 2008 and made a fall in love with a host of enthusiasts: fantastic atmosphere, perceived tension and survival elements well markets. In short, an almost claustrophobic experience is what you will experience on the Ishimura spacecraft. Dead Space is a load of style and repulsive beings that are difficult to kill and even more complicated to endure. Fear will always be present: re-run it, even today, because it always has its charm.
Four horror games to be recovered in honor of Friday 13

Silent Hill 2

James returns to Silent Hill looking for his wife who has been away for three years. The adventure that comes from this decision is Silent Hill 2, a landmark of the Horror genre. The strength of the title is to creep into our minds and then to break it down. It uses really effective means, such as music, environmental design, and viscerally psychology. A game that you will certainly be impressed with and that you can not help but play.
Four horror games to be recovered in honor of Friday 13

Alien: Isolation

Escape from the xenomorphic clutches has never been so terrifying and real. Developed by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA, Alien: Isolationwill dive us into the atmosphere and the places we’ve come to know thanks to the movie saga. The story takes fifteen years after the end of the first film and will make us impersonate Ripley’s daughter. in the desperate search for the mother. Of course, everything will turn into a tragedy: Alien pursues us, we must flee. The power of this title is undoubtedly to be able to replicate the sensations of the film: few weapons and few escape possibilities. Playing with the volume at the most will allow you to appreciate every single tonal gradation, but at the same time you will risk some infarction. Alliance attacks are by no means tender.