The latest Nintendo direct split players in half, among those who complained of some remarkable novelties and those who have been able to recognize in the upgrades of the console’s lineup an undeniable solidity.
 Without staying in defending one rather than the other position, what’s obvious in everyone’s eyes is that third-party support for Nintendo consoles is getting solidified more and more.
After major first-party and independent, smaller and smaller titles, which have plummeted abundantly over the past few months, there were no further confirmations (in addition to the FIFA that is about to land on the market), which could tell us: “Big bits are arrived. “
Bethesda has solved this problem by deciding to bring his two top shooters, Doom and Wolfenstein 2, onto the Nintendo hybrid console. A choice we could consider brave at launch, but nowadays, considering the units sold and those that are going to run out over the next few months, it’s far more than a winning bet for the software house, which will reasonably be short followed by other .
So, in fact, the solid console base you sell will always require new titles to fill all the holes that Switch’s offer, the greater every passing day, has not yet been able to tap and who will be available for this investment will take part in the banquet.
We almost surprised, during the Bethesda event coinciding with these ads, where we hoped to see the leading titles of The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein 2 with new playable builds, we found to expect three Switches, two with the now-stainless Skyrim , present since the console’s trailer announcement, and the other with the frantic Doom, rewarded in the home version of our pages with a 8.5m sound as well as one of the deserving FPSs of the Game of the Year nomination among last year’s FPS.
Accomplished for a moment doubts about technical issues about how they could run the two games on small hardware without any constraint constraints, since the last time we saw them in action was on much more powerful hardware, we did the first part of a level in the arcade mode offered by the second of these titles.
Doom comes on Switch and we've tried it before
Doom was therefore ahead of us, fast, hectic, crazy, but above all fluid, exactly as we remembered. The framerate blocked at 30, was largely fluid and did not compromise the feeling we experienced on the previous fall on PS4, without interfering with particle effects, sparks and sketches of blood.
In fact, the game in its portable size is very enjoyable and covers the kind of titles that for one reason or another are lacking in Switch.
In fact the compromises are: low-definition textures, high frame rate drops in the most cramped moments and the absence of any text-size adaptation that could be annoying in the portable version. The fact we hypothesize can create some problem is Switch’s strength, that is, its bivalent nature. With the big screen, we may find more noticeable signs of the reduction of the graphic detail, while the UI elements will have a size that is the compromise between big screen and small screen, sometimes too big or too small. Finally, we do not express ourselves with the values, we have not even tried the docked version of the game, but we certainly do not feel any visual lack of the image,
Doom comes on Switch and we've tried it before

The tactile feel is exceptional on PRO controllers, which has a great deal of analog and dumbbell stickers, though they were not progressive, they seemed to be particularly suited to this kind of shooter. The joycon, on the other hand, did not give the same feelings, mostly for the joycons too small to always have full control over motion and camera: nothing to stop playing anyway.