30 interesting facts about Ghost of Tsushima: Sucker Punch reveals new exclusive details for PS4

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Earlier this month the company Sony introduced the thematic episode of the program State of playdedicated to the game Ghost of tushusha. Sucker Punch showed and talked about her new project for about 20 minutes.

Viewers learned about the world of the game, the combat system and settings, but much remained behind the scenes. For two weeks, fans asked the studio about certain aspects of the project, and then Justin Massongil, the manager of communications and content, selected the most interesting questions and passed them on to game director Nate Fox and creative director Jason Connelly.

There were a lot of questions, as well as new information on the game. We have written out for you all the most important details.

  • The whole game Jin will be wielded by a katana – this is a family relic, which is with him from the beginning to the end of the path.
  • The hero was taught the traditional style of battle, so he cannot attack enemies with two swords at the same time.
  • The blade of the Sakai clan can be improved both in terms of characteristics and externally. It will improve as it progresses along with Jin himself.
  • Gradually, the hero will turn into the legendary Ghost, discovering new abilities and military equipment.
  • The ability to throw kunai and smoke bombs at a short distance, as well as kill enemies with arrows from afar, are not the only additional methods of fighting the enemy.
  • In addition to military techniques, Jin can handle a flute. The hero can play it at any time to distract from the horrors of war and enjoy the beauty of nature.

  • The mechanics of the guiding wind decided to include an art department in the game at the very beginning of development. The natural effect should create a feeling of constant movement.
  • In his travels, Jin will visit several cities where he will meet traders and receive side quests.
  • In the Ghost of Tsushima no karma systems.
  • You won’t be able to play for other characters. Ghost of Tsushima has only one character and one ending.
  • Players are waiting for complete freedom. The developers are trying to show that the narrative is not divided into black and white: users are free to use their own style, wear any armor and combine different skills.
  • Glory of the Ghost will grow regardless of how the player goes through the game – stealthily or stepping on his forehead.

  • Players will not be able to aim at specific parts of the body, so Jin is not able to chop off heads and cut enemies in two.
  • Ghost of Tsushima is a difficult game. The battles in it will be difficult for both sides – the enemies of Jin can deal with him as quickly as he does with them.
  • The hero is able to kill an opponent with one blow, but with the same ease can fall from the Mongol sword.
  • The demonstration for State of Play was held by one of the leading testers who knows the combat system very well. Jin had some abilities that were closed at the beginning of the game.
  • The circles on the health scale indicate the determination of Jin, which he uses to heal or conduct a complex attack. Players are free to make their own choices: replenish their health or carry out a fatal blow.

  • In Ghost of Tsushima there is a change of day and night, as well as different weather. Some natural phenomena are tied to specific regions to add color to them, others to plot episodes.
  • There are three difficulty levels in the game – easy, normal and hard. On high difficulty, the game is balanced, but does not forgive mistakes. Mongols behave more aggressively, players need to be very collected and use all their skills.
  • A low level of difficulty is intended for those players who want to explore the island, enjoying the plot and from time to time meeting a worthy opponent.
  • Enemy health remains unchanged to emphasize the effectiveness of katana strikes. The outcome of the battle is determined by the skill of the player.

  • In the demonstration, Jin used two bows: a short bow of a samurai and a long bow of a Ghost. The latter is much more powerful than the short one. Arrows fired from it can knock an opponent down.
  • The passage of the storyline will take quite a long time. The game will be much longer than previous Sucker Punch projects. Most testers did not have time to go through the main plot in a week.
  • “The Ghost of Tsushima” is a game in the open world. In addition to the storyline, there will be many additional tasks presented in the form of side stories. Some of them are quite short, while others introduce interesting characters.
  • If desired, players can make friends with them to learn more about the island. Daredevils also protect their home from the Mongol invasion, so their stories will show the enemy from a new angle, as well as provide an opportunity to receive valuable rewards.
  • Among the awards are collectibles, resources or amulets. However, there are several tasks for which you can get a set of armor.

  • Jin moves along Tsushima on the back of a faithful horse and on foot. He can’t swim, like driving a ship.
  • What kind of horse will be, you can choose at the beginning of the game, and then use the faithful companion in Jin’s journey.
  • On Tsushima there are unique animals that help the hero in his wanderings. Not all of them are friendly, among them there are aggressive predators. After killing, you can get resources to improve equipment.
  • Armor sets consist of several elements. Helmets and body armor can be freely combined.

Ghost of tushusha will go on sale July 17, 2020 only on Playstation 4.

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