2019 was a record year for games on Kickstarter – review

Analytical group ICO Partners summed up the crowdfunding results of the past year. And she came to the conclusion that 2019 was a record year for the games section. Investors transferred $ 208.3 million to successful projects. For comparison: in 2018, this figure was 192.6 million, a year earlier – 163.5.

The 2019 campaign has 3,731 games on Kickstarter were successful, and 3312 projects were unable to achieve their goals. This is the first year in history when there have been more successful attempts than unsuccessful ones.

However, it should be borne in mind that most of the merits in 2019 belong not to video games, but to desktops. Investors allocated $ 176 million to 2712 desktop projects. And 380 successful video games accounted for just over 16 million.

In the board games category, 67% of the campaigns were successful. The record holder here became Etherfieldsboard game of Wroclaw studio Awaken realms. Its creators managed to raise about five million dollars, and the release of the project should take place in March.

As for video games, none of them managed to overshadow the success of an erotic action movie Subverse. The game raised more than two million dollars, which made it one of the most successful projects in the history of Kickstarter.