2019 game results: unexpected surprises

GameGuru continues to take stock of the outgoing year. In a series of five fascinating articles, we will determine the most important thing that happened in 2019. Incredible successes, epic failures, unexpected surprises, neglected games and the most high-profile events – two authors with opposite points of view on the situation will express themselves on each topic. So the picture will be more objective. Today we’ll talk about all the most unexpected that happened this year.

When it seemed to everyone that the new RPG from the authors “The witcher“Simply can not get cooler on stage E3 2019 came out Keanu Reeves. An actor with a unique reputation, who is known and loved by everything young and old, played one of the key roles in the main game CD Projekt RED on this generation of consoles and personally presented it at the main gaming show of the year, giving rise to a meme of improvisation Breathtaking. A few more months Keanu Reeves I didn’t leave the main pages of thematic sites, and its popularity seems to have skyrocketed. At least now on YouTube you can watch the recordings of the reactions of the leading online broadcasts to see how much they were surprised by the appearance Keanu on the E3.

E3 2019 was extremely lean. Everyone vied with praise for their subscription services, but there were few games. Those who surprised and called sincere “Wow” from the audience (and not “Wow” at presentations Bethesda) was even less.

The louder the presentation shot on this dull background Microsoftwhen 60 new projects were shown for the “console without games”. But the pearl of the whole exhibition, of course, was already incredibly expected by all Cyberpunk 2077. Not only do the game videos look amazing, the world looks amazing, and its developers were previously noted for an amazing third “The witcher“, So also presenting her on the stage came absolutely stunning Keanu Reeves. There you are trailerif you suddenly just returned from a colonial mission on Mars and by some miracle do not know. Yes, even if in the know – reconsider again: it is also amazing.

Expectations from the game Keanunot inferior in popularity to the most Kojime, and a very opportune moment produced the effect of an exploding bomb. One of the main events of the game year added popularity to the actor, pre-orders – “Cyberpunk” and points in the piggy bank Microsoft and CDPR. It was also amazing.

Was there an appearance Keanu Reeves on the E3 2019 awesome? Without a doubt. Tandem Keanu Reeves and CD Projekt RED – This is practically a meeting of two good heroes from different children’s tales. They create an atmosphere of universal love around them, evoke extremely positive emotions in people. And this did not happen by any chance: it is a direct result of their life activities. Awfully sweet even at 50 years old shy Keanu, still shy of his adoring public. Dedicated to your favorite cause CD Projekt REDcreating awesome games. Nothing bad can be said about them. It just doesn’t work, because they do not condemn anything. Let this serve as an example for you how people are rewarded according to their deserts.

However, I see this as not a very pleasant trend for me. With the globalization of the gaming market, products are increasingly “selling” to the mass audience, not their amazing quality, but amazing actors. Remember another phenomenon of the same E3 – rising star John Bernthaltelling the audience how cool he played his part in Ghost recon breakpoint. The Punisher’s recognizable face flashed in every trailer of this product. And now remember how much negativity subsequently arose around this game, which in a very boorish way tried to get into the gamers wallet.

The moral is simple: let the awesome actors sell only awesome games. I personally felt sorry for John Bernthal: he did his job well, but in the end put on his own reputation the same spot as Ghost recon breakpoint put on a reputation Ubisoft.

Gamers have a thousand and one reasons not to love the launcher from Epic games: unstable operation, lack of functionality, lack of many familiar Steam services and much more. However, it is difficult to argue with the fact that by the sunset of the decade we definitely did not expect to see a real competitor to the monolithic Steam. Cash flows to the treasury Epic games from overpopular Fortnite, enough to buy the rights to the exclusive distribution of games from the most skilled developers, and the company makes such generous offers that they easily cover any risks. It seems that if events continue to develop in this way for several more years, then in Steam there will be only dubious quality indie projects from inexperienced developers.

A year has already passed since the beginning of the war of these two fandoms … So what? Someone died from the fact that Metro exodus not yet available in Steam? Not. Believe me, I am writing news here, I would know.

Before my almost namesake Phil Spencer decided that PC gamers also want to play projects for Xbox, you had to buy two consoles to enjoy and Uncharted and Halo. Yes, spend tens of thousands of sweat earned and blood rubles. Everything you need for those who sleep on a pillow with a picture Gabe Newell – just put one launcher. They won’t even take money from you (apart from buying the game, of course). And yes, you need to parse the desktop by removing a couple of the “New folder (15)” shortcuts.

It’s important to remember two things: the games you bought at Steam, Gog, Epic Games Store, Origin, Play, yes, anywhere in digital format – they are not yours. And they will disappear as soon as Gabe or someone else wants to cover the bench and go to the islands. And the second: Epic games pays money to publishers and developers so that they can either bring to mind an exclusive for Egs, or even throw them at the creation of a new game. And you do not want to just put a free launcher, because it is inconvenient.

I am convinced that healthy competition is the engine of progress, and the field of digital distribution is no exception. The more choices a consumer has, the better for everyone. But don’t be fooled: Epic Games Store with its exclusives does not provide players with a choice, but takes it away.

A year after the launch of the store Epic games how the service still does not stand up to criticism. Of the significant innovations, only a search by tags appeared: in Egs there are still no elementary things that Steam long made the standard: user reviews, achievements, forums, gifts, not even a basket. I would add that there is no normal design, but this is already tasteful. Listing Technical Issues Egs generally could take a separate article. And most importantly, in Epic games clearly does not see any special reason to correct something.

In the end, if Peca Boyar wants to play Metro exodus or Heavy rain – He will endure where to go. Here involuntarily I recall scene from “South Park”, where representatives of the cable company listen to the claims of the main characters. “We are very sorry, but our store does not provide automatic refunds. Maybe you should go to another store … Oh yes! Other stores do not sell games David CageWhat a pity! ”

The rhetoric of representatives Epic games actually sounds no less mocking. Sweeney and the company make it clear: they don’t care about the players. No doubt, such a business approach has a right to exist. At the same time, users have the right to decide whether to support it in rubles. And for those who believe that there is no reputation in the gaming industry, there is a curious fact: a third of pre-orders not protected by any exclusivity Cyberpunk 2077 on PC accounted for GOG.comcompany store Cd projekt.

Franchise Bioshock missed the current generation. Last iteration of the series, spin-offs Infinitecame out in 2013. Thereafter Ken Levin, franchise ideologist, left the team Irrational games. Without a chapter, the studio simply fell apart, and the once successful title went on a well-deserved rest. X-hour has come this year: unexpectedly publisher 2K Games announced the creation of a completely new studio, which will deal with the resurrection of the series. In charge of Cloud chamber put Kerry Gilmore – an experienced developer who participated in the creation Xcom and Civilization. A little later it turned out that over the past years the game has already been tried to bring to life, but to no avail. Will the newly-formed studio do this?

Upon learning that Bioshock finally going to bring to life, at first I was delighted. And then he began to read a press release published by the publisher 2K Gamesand alert. A statement stole my attention Kerry Gilmore, heads of the newly formed studio Cloud chamber. Addressing fans of the franchise, she said the following: “Our team believes in the beauty and power of sexual, racial and ethnic diversity, both in the structure of our studio and in the very nature of such thinking.” Is this what loyal fans wanted to hear? Or maybe something like “In the nature of thinking Cloud chamber loyalty to the original spirit and ideas of the franchise we love Bioshock, and in the structure of the studio is trust in our highly qualified and experienced employees? ”

The beauty and power of sexual, ethnic, and racial diversity can be a terrible force. What is this statement essentially? The studio determines in advance the number of jobs that will get representatives of different genders, ethnic groups and races. And when there will be a question of personnel selection, the carrier will receive the necessary signs of “diversity”, and not the most skilled candidate. For the end gamer, this means the following: the studio will continue to be proud of its diverse staff, and the player will receive a product of lower quality than he could be. You don’t have to go far for an example: a deplorable experience Mass Effect: Andromeda, whose developers were selected according to similar criteria, has not yet been forgotten.

I have nothing against representatives of any kind of gender, race or ethnic group, but I want competent professionals to develop the game. Can Kerry Gilmore masterfully walk along this sharp blade is an open question. Moreover, I look forward to the new part Bioshock. But not because I really want to play it: first of all, I wonder if the beauty and strength of sexual, ethnic and racial diversity can give gamers a beautiful and strong game.

Trilogy Bioshock Is a cult work of one of the most significant characters in the gaming industry Ken Levine. Now he is busy with another project, but we all remember the underwater city “Delight”, inhabited by crazy rich people who prey on defenseless little sisters, or the “Nightingale” that haunts you forever. The story is over. Put a bullet point. Continuation is not necessary. But 2K Games aims to make money on a popular franchise. With a high probability we will get a strong first-person shooter, that’s just new Bioshock she never will.