1979 Revolution: Black Friday

In posledenie year and a half, watching the emergence of new video games, I’m more surprised by two trends (or rather, if we speak correctly, lack thereof).

Firstly, although for a long time for many, if not most, are used to criticize the studio Telltale for its endless series, often already seem labored, unoriginal and hardly able to really impress, direct competitors have not appeared.

No, the individual elements of many developers, especially indie media, borrowed with joy, but to repeat the concept itself whether they fear prevented the trigger responses such as “mauvais ton” and accusations of copying, or other reasons, to guess which can be infinite.

Unfortunately, in the Russian translation of certain phrases appear ragged.

The second thing that continues to amaze me to this day, remains some pathological dislike of developers in different real historical periods as the setting.

Yes, recently published Battlefield 1, and before it was Valiant Hearts, and now the Czechs from Warhorse working on extremely realistic on their promises, Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

But all this is a drop in the sea, and, after deduction of shooters on the World War II, the video game of the days when we lived with you our fathers, grandparents and more distant ancestors, is negligible on the general background.

And even today, when many developers are proud that their works raise important, complex and controversial topics (and therefore hardly suitable as a means of escapism), the situation with reference to the events of the past are not particularly changed.

1979 Revolution: Black Friday violates both of these, so to speak, rules. Originally published in the spring of this year, this month, it finally acquired the translations to several languages, including Farsi and Russian.

Because of this uniquely worthwhile adventure game we wrote at the time, now is the time to give it at least a little attention.

Despite the fact that the duration (one passage takes an average of about two hours) 1979 Revolution is not significantly different from one episode of any of Telltale Games, it allows her to always be extremely intense, forcing immediately delve into the things happening around the event and make decisions quickly which constitute the backbone of the gameplay.

Despite such a small length of the game, to create it in the studio iNK Stories gone for four years, two of which had to be spent on fundraising. According to the initial idea in 1979 Revolution was to consist of a few episodes, but due to financial problems it was decided to limit ourselves to one, and the sequel to the (at least not yet), it never came.

This can easily be explained by the confusion of the game, which often jumps from one topic to another (even if almost all of them revolve around a common problem), and innuendo against almost any character (and in fact some of them are such interesting people!). And the words “(s) he did not forget” looks rather strange in this short piece.

Black Friday is structurally divided into two storylines that can be called “old” and “new.” The old begins in 1978, when the people of Iran protests against the regime of the Shah Pahlavi just beginning to gain momentum, and punitive measures on the part of the guards mode can be (albeit with a huge stretch) name still bearable.

The new line of the main character, a young photojournalist named Reza Shirazi is already in captivity in the new government, proceeded to eliminate unwanted persons allegedly threatening the newly formed system.

Both lines alternate: that Reza walking among crowds of protesters or dinner at home with his brother Hossain, member of the security service, SAVAK, then again we see him locked up in a cell and was interrogated. It is worth noting that one of the most difficult and crucial decisions in the “old”

Generally, as mentioned earlier, namely the adoption of Reza solutions have to deal with most of the time. His best friend Babak quickly introduces his revolutionary circle, which includes sticking pacifist views Girl Bibi, rebellious hero cousin Ali, and people sympathetic to a variety of groups – socialists, religious conservatives, the Mujahideen.

But mostly on his side will try to drag Reza Babak and Bibi, who believe that you can achieve the desired through peaceful protest, and Ali, no doubt that is the use of force will only methods.

Accordingly, Reza constantly have to decide what is a revolution for him, and what sacrifices you can go, fighting the regime Pehlavi, because of which many of his countrymen live in poverty.